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  • In-depth look at Yua Mikami, No. 1 in the 2022 General Election of Active Porn star SEXY!

In-depth look at Yua Mikami, No. 1 in the 2022 General Election of Active Porn star SEXY!

Mikami Yua in pink
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Kei here!

Hey, guys! How are you?

Today I will be explaining about a Japanese porn star (sexy actress), “Yua Mikami”!

Please enjoy reading this article so you can learn what kind of porn star “Yuua Mikami” is and even which of the Porn videos she appeared in are recommended.

By the way, if you want to watch Porn videos of Yua Mikami, copy and paste “三上悠亜 Porn video” into your web search! You should be able to find a lot of videos.

Just a word of caution.

That is because there are many videos that exists on the web, and when you click the “play button” of Porn videos or “over 18 years old”, you might be led to a disreputable site, trying to steal your personal information, or fall to a one-click fraud, so be very careful.

Recently, I often hear that “XVIDEOS” and “PORNHUB” are free and safe to watch, but I still think it’s better to buy from a reliable site just in case when watching or downloading videos.

So let’s get started!

Brief biography and summary of Yua Mikami

Yua Mikami's Twitter image
Name of Porn starYua Mikami
Real nameMomona Kito
Date of BirthAugust 16, 1993 (age 28 as of July 2022)
BirthplaceNagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Stature159 cm
Vital statisticsB83(G) – W57 – H88
Blood typeType A (blood, influenza, hepatitis, etc.)
TastesWatching idol DVDs, singing, dancing, walking the dog, shopping, visiting cafes
Special skillHula hoop
BusinessPorn star, idol, TV personality, YouTuber
Favorite foodPeach
Favorite colorPink
Dog’s nameKuu (Chiwax), Mimi (Toy Poodle), Zion (Miniature Dachshund)
First sexual experience14 years old (eighth grade)
Partner of first experience2015- (active as of July 2022)
Number of appearances102 stand-alone as of July 2022 (according to FANZA)

Yua Mikami is a former member of the national idol group SKE48, based in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. She made her Porn video debut in June 2015 with a film called Princess Peach .

Yua Mikami's debut work

By the way, this work won the best work award at the “DMM.R18 Adult Award” event of the largest adult portal site in Japan the following year. Isn’t it amazing to win the 1st place in mail order, distribution, and rental?

Speaking of which, do you guys know “SKE48”?

The “AKB48” is a group that is known to all Japanese men. SKE48 is the famous “AKB48” group that every Japanese male knows.

So the fact that Momona Kito, an idol who was active there, debuted as a porn star (sexy actress) became a hot topic, and her popularity exploded at once.

Originally, she was supposed to be limited to one film, but she became so popular that she decided to continue as a porn star. Many fans, including myself, must have been pleased.

Well, she was amazing from this point on. She is just flying by the seat of her pants, and she continues to make rapid progress.

It’s just that.

It wasn’t smooth sailing from the beginning. In her own way, she has overcome many setbacks and suffering. Let’s take a look at her personal history.

Brief personal record

▼ 2006

Morning Daughter. She applied for the audition and was rejected in the second round.

▼ 2009

In March, she passed the “2nd SKE48 additional member audition” and joined “SKE48”.
When active, her real name was Momona Kito.

▼ 2013

In a collaboration project between “Young Jump” (a weekly manga magazine for young men) and “Playboy” (a weekly magazine for men), she took first place in the “48 Group’s Gravure Princess Summit Battle!), and was featured on the cover of both magazines.

In July of the same year, a photo of her kissing Yuya Tegoshi of the male idol group NEWS was leaked, causing a scandal.

▼ 2014

Graduated from SKE48 in April.

▼ 2015

In May, “Super Dope Scoop! A shocking divine hair nude of a former gravure princess of a national idol group” was the headline on the cover of Kodansha’s “Weekly FRIDAY” May 22, 2015 issue.

In June, she made her Porn video debut with “Princess Peach” from Porn video maker MUTEKI.

In December, her first photo book “Here you are” was published by Futabasha.

Yua Mikami's 1st photo book

▼ 2016

In April, she started a series of articles in Futabasha’s “Shukan Hyoka” and “Tokyo Sports”. On April 13, she also announced that she would join “Ebisu★Muscats“.

Ebisu Muscats Pictures
Citation: Ebisu★Muscats Official Site

In May, she won four awards at the DMM.R18 Adult Awards 2016 held at Toyosu PIT, including Best New Actress and Best Film (for Princess Peach’s first place in both mail order (BD), distribution and rental categories).

On May 25, she released her first image video, “ALL NUDE.

Yua Mikami's first image video ALL NUDE

In June, with the opening of the official website of AV OPEN 2016 Masami Ichikawa was appointed as an image girl together with Rika Hoshimi.

In July, she became an ebelt campaign girl with Hibiki Otsuki.

Citation : Iberto! (Sexy Actress Event Information Site)

August 19. S1 announced the transfer of the company to

On November 23, she released her first solo debut single, “Li Bo Ng.

Citation : First music

In December, she won the SKY PerfecTV! Adult Broadcasting Awards 2017 for Best New Actress and Best Picture (from a national idol group, no way MUTEKI!), and nominations were announced for the categories. The result was that she won the Best Work Award and the FLASH Award.

▼ 2017

In February, she won the DMM.R18 Adult Award 2017 for Best Actress.

In November, she appeared on TV Tokyo’s late-night program “Deliberately listen Taro – Star’s Recent Situation (Secret) Report,” discussing the Bunshun scandal with Yuya Tegoshi of Johnny’s.

Image from an appearance on Chizukimi Taro
Citation : AKB48 Selected Images Summary

▼ 2018

In March, Miko Matsuda, Moko Sakura and including three members formed HONEY POPCORN in Korea. They debuted as singers in Korea with the release of their mini-album, BIBIDI BABIDI BOO and made their debut as singers.

Citation : 1theK (원더케이)

On November 7, he became an ambassador for S1 NO.1 STYLE.

▼ 2019

On January 13, she produced the apparel brand “YOUR’S”.

▼ 2020

“This Porn star is amazing! 2020 Winter” announced in April issue of “Monthly FANZA”, she won the 3rd place in the overall actress catregory (2nd place in the reader’s poll).

In March, “SCANTY4”, a unit within Muscats, was formed for FANZA’s “Spring Pants Festival”. The unit was formed by four members, Yura Kano, Maiti, Yua Mikami, and Yuki Yoshizawa. The song “Panchiralism” was released to the public.

Citation : Ebisu Muscats【Official】

In August, she was ranked No. 4 in the Porn star ranking for the first half of 2020, announced by FANZA Monthly.

Won first place in the actress category in the magazine’s “This Porn star is Amazing!

In December, she was voted second in the readers’ poll of the “FLASH 2020 BEST 100 Strongest Sexy Actresses Currently Active”.

Ranked No. 2 Porn star of the year 2020 by FANZA.

▼ 2021

In January, Ebisu Muscats [Mini Muscats] “Solitude – Alone –” was released.

Citation : Ebisu Muscats【Official】

In January, won the highest number of votes and the first place in Muscats The NIGHT!~Live Broadcast 4 Hours SP~.

In February, Aika Yamagishi and Masami Ichikawa joined “SCANTY4” and became “SCANTY6“.

In March, the film “Yua Mikami’s Masturbate Support Luxury That Stimulates Your 5 Senses – A Soothing Erection Situation That Fills Your Brain With Eros” won the Sound Award at the Weekly Playboy-selected “2021 Erodemy Awards”.

Masturbation support by Yua Mikami

She came in second in the Asahi Geino “2021 Active Porn star SEXY General Election” announced in April.

Recorded the third highest Porn video sales by actress in the first half of 2021, according to FANZA.

Ranked 4th in the readers’ poll of “FLASH 2021 Porn star Ranking by 300 Readers” announced in August.

In December, she was ranked No. 3 in the ranking of sexy actresses in 2021 by Kobunsha’s “FLASH” magazine.

Won 2nd place in the Porn star of the year 2021 announced by FANZA.

▼ 2022

She ranked 1st in Asahi Geino “2022 Active Porn star SEXY General Election” announced in May.

Citation: Wikipedia

How did it go, guys?
I explained it in chronological order with the help of Wiki, but I think you can understand how amazing she is.

Organizing the media that “Yua Mikami” has appeared so far.

This will give you an idea of what kind of media Yua Mikami has appeared in.


  • Muscat Night
  • Zap, man’s zap, raw sex! Janpoke Cruise
  • The 2nd Sexy Actress Darake! of the SKY PerfecTV! Swimming Competition
  • New Mihi Land Mihina Restaurant
  • Shoko Takahashi and Yuua Mikami’s SHOW YOUR ROCKETS
  • The star’s recent situation (secret) report
  • SKY PerfecTV! Adult Broadcasting Awards 2017 Nominated Actresses in Total!
  • The Law of Motivation (Final)
  • God Tongue
  • Crazy Rhythm’s “super H!
  • Muscat Night Fever!
  • Ebisu Muscats Yokocho!
  • Hunger Games (Taiwan’s China Television Corporation program)
  • Confession. Yua Mikami – Do you know me?
  • Kannai Devil’s Fountain

Television drama

  • Ayaka, a cabaret girl in Haken
  • The food that cheers you up – Stand-eating!

Citation : Wikipedia

Hey, isn’t it great!

It’s hard to find a porn star who can appear in so many media, not just Porn videos.

Check out Yua Mikami’s SNS!

As of July 2022, she has over 3.07 million Twitter followers, overInstagram more than 3.42 million followers on Twitter, over 820,000 subscribers on YouTube, and over 3.6 million TikTok followers. All together, there are over 10.9 million followers.

This is a tremendous number. Instagram is like a style book, Twitter is a glimpse of her daily life, and YouTube is full of interesting projects, and TikTok is where we get to see all her cute dance moves!!!

It’s a lot to look at, and I urge you to see it.

Since I’m here, let me introduce just two of my recommendation from YouTube videos.

The first is a video that shows a forbidden porn scene. Of course, there are no nude scenes, so don’t get your hopes up. I found the make-up scene and the napping scene adorable.

Citation : YouTube

Another one is a video of her covering the dance of a Korean idol group “Brave Girls” and she shows us a very sharp dance. She has the looks and style to be a very successful porn star (sexy actress), but she can also sing and dance!

Citation : YouTube



Ever since I was a child, I've watched my father's Porn videos silently, and even now, as an adult, I spend most of my salary watching more than 1,000 Porn videos a year. I'm such a libido monster, and I'm introducing my favorite actresses and works that I can't get enough of with my dogmatism and prejudice.


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