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Hikaru Miyanishi in bikini
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Kei announces the top 3 most exciting Porn videos I watched in November 2022!

Hello everyone, this is Kei. Today I’m going to rank the most exciting Porn videos I’ve seen in November 2022. This month, I got climaxed so many times by a lot of Porn Stars in various genres, such as debuts, dramas, and projects, but not just any Porn video will do. First of all, Porn Star has to be my type. And no matter how much I like drama productions, unrealistic storylines make me boring,...

mami nagase at the bar
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Kei presents the top 3 most exciting Porn videos watched in October 2022!

Hello everyone, this is Kei. Let me give you a ranking of my favorite Porn videos in October 2022 that I was able to cum most comfortably. This month, I have been cumming so many times with all kinds of porn stars (sexy actress) in a variety of genres, including debuts, dramas, and special projects, but that doesn’t mean that any Porn video will do. First of all, the actress has to be your type....

Night view of Tokyo
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It is no exaggeration to say
that Japan is porn capital of the world!

First, I would like you to look at the two sets of data below. This is the site’s search keyword rankings for 2019 and 2021, as published by Pornhub, the world’s largest pornographic movie site. Although “lesbian” had occupied the top of the search terms every year, it finally gave up the position to Japan in 2019. As can be seen, “Japanese” is in first place, followed by “Hentai” in second place. In 2021, the...