It is no exaggeration to say
that Japan is porn capital of the world!

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First, I would like you to look at the two sets of data below.

This is the site’s search keyword rankings for 2019 and 2021, as published by Pornhub, the world’s largest pornographic movie site.

2019.Keyword Ranking
2021.Keyword Ranking

Although “lesbian” had occupied the top of the search terms every year, it finally gave up the position to Japan in 2019.

As can be seen, “Japanese” is in first place, followed by “Hentai” in second place.

In 2021, the order was switched again, but with “Hentai” in first place and “Japanese” in second place, proving that Japanese Porn videos are the most popular content in the world.

Amidst the declining of Japan’s economy in the world and stagnation of Japanese companies, only Japanese Porn videos have succeeded in building a overwhelming position in the market.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any data for 2020 anywhere, but I should be able to give you a rough estimate.

Then, why are Japanese Porn videos so loved by people all over the world?

I’m about to explain why!

About Japanese Porn videos and porn stars

Let me start telling you the Japanese Porn videos history.

History of Porn videos

In 1962, Japan’s first pink film, “Bodily Market

Citation:Ken Shimomura – Twitter

In 1968, Toei, one of Japan’s major film production companies, entered the pink film market with the film “The Female Genealogy of Tokugawa,” which was followed by other film companies.

Tokugawa-Female Lineage Chart

In 1981, Nippon Video Images released “The lady of porn magazine, Peeping the depth of pussy” and “OL Pussy diary, Mature Secret Garden”.

Vinyl book woman, secret peeking
Citation:Don Juan’s AV Blog

Called “pornographic videos” at the time, these works are said to be the first Porn videos.

Just around this time, the penetration rate of VCRs in ordinary households surpassed 10%, and the distribution of Porn videos expanded rapidly.

Furthermore, the development of small, lightweight video cameras eliminated the need for large-scale filming, and the number of new production companies entering the market increased, helping to promote the spread of this technology.

In November of the same year, “Kyoko Aizome’s shooting the live of Honban (tingle of lewdness) was released, and with the word “Honban“, which means unsimulated-sex, in the title, it stimulated male users and became a big hit, selling over 20,000 copies.

Kyoko Aizome's live performance (tingle of lewdness)

In 1982, “The Case of Kyoko Saito, a Housewife,” the first in the “Document the Masturbation” series, sold 80,000 units, triggered an Porn video boom.

Document The Masturbation
Citation:Only Made in Japan Market

In the same year, director Kojitani, who coined the term “Porn video,” had a number of hits with works such as “High School Girl Bare Life Shooting Series: Michiko’s Shameful Notebook” and “SM Experience: The Case of Junko Hayami,” and the pornographic video market became dominated by “documentary” works.

At this time, the Japan Video Ethics Association, a self-regulatory organization, did not permit depictions of continuous sexual intercourse lasting longer than three minutes and regulated hard-core expressions, which led to a boom in “backdoor videos” in which the genitals of the actor and actress were not blurred.

It was also around this time that such works as “Ken-chan the Washer” and “Samurai’s Daughter,” legendary back-door-videos that have gone down in video history, were distributed.

The official video industry was concerned that its previous documentaries and softcore could not compete with back-door-videos, but the release of “Miss Honban Yumiko, 19,” by Uchu Kikaku (an Porn video manufacturer), sent shockwaves through the industry.

Miss Honban Yumiko, age 19
Citation:AV There is

The reason is that up to that point, “official videos” had been treated as kiwamono (cheap and poorly made), with only one-rank lower models who were past their prime.

Since this was a work that defied the common sense of official videos by having a high-level model, who is good enough for pinups , suddenly debut in hardcore, it sold over 20,000 copies.

Subsequent hits such as “Please Make Me an Actress. I’ll do anything, Yukari Takeshita 19 years old” and “Miss Honban , which means unsimulated-sex, Yukiko encountering ” established that an actress’s cleanliness was an important sales point.

In short, works that focused on the quality of the actresses rather than on whether or not they were in production, or whether or not they were mosaiced, began to get more sells, and from the end of 1984 to 1985, the “first bishojo, which mean hot girls, boom” took place.

Citation:av-stream – Twitter
Miss Honban Yukiko
Citation:Nostalgic AV Actresses: The Goddesses of Beguilement

In addition to popular models such as Miku Watase, Manami Hayakawa, and Yoko Nagai, actresses such as Hitomi Kobayashi, Mio Aso, and Tomomi Akimoto, who did not engage in so-called “Honban,” were born at this time.

Then, starting with “a beautiful girl performing a real act,” widely recognized Porn videos expanded only the “beautiful girl” elements, and “simulated-sex” videos, in which they have no real sex during filming, became mainstream.

The use of a Dick actually inserted into the pubic area to capture realistic emotions began to decline, and people began to use the term “porn star” to describe those who act as if they are really being penetrated in Porn videos.

In short, we entered an era in which the actresses had to have good looks and style plus good acting ability to sell well.

In the 1980s, Japan’s Porn video industry was booming.

This is because video rental stores opened one after another, with a mixture of major chains and individuals, and by 1984, the number of rental video stores had skyrocketed to 2,500 nationwide.

One famous director who appeared during this period was Toru Muranishi.

He is also known as the “emperor of the AV world,” and succeeded in gaining popularity with such works as “I Like Sadomazohizam ” by Kuroki Kaoru, which appeared in 1985.

I like SM-like

By the way, I was shown this video at a friend’s house and was shocked.

Because I saw “armpit hair” on women who had not been treated.

To be honest, I thought, “That’s disgusting! I thought. I know some people like this kind of thing, but I just couldn’t accept it.

Because I have a personal desire for women to keep their unwanted hair neatly removed.

To learn more about Director Muranishi, please watch the Netflix produced and distributed “Naked Director produced and distributed by Netflix. It’s non-fiction and very interesting.

Naked Director

Since then, actresses who followed Kuroki kaoru’s lead and marketed themselves by showing excessive eroticism have appeared one after another and have been successful.

Some actresses even challenged themselves to extreme sex games, such as inserting foreign objects like radishes, cucumbers, and carrots, or inserting two Dick at the same time.

In April 1989, the popular women’s weekly magazine “an-an” published a special feature with the catchphrase “Sex makes you beautiful,” which triggered a change in women’s sexual awareness, and actresses such as Yumika Hayashi and Mariko Ki began to appear in the Porn video industry one after another, voluntarily choosing to have unsimulated-sex.

In addition, once-retired soft-porn actresses such as Hitomi Hayami switched to the actress who plays real sex in Porn videos, which became a boom and gained popularity.

Now for the real thing! Hitomi Hayami

During this period, various genres of Porn video were born.

For example, the series “Action Video: Video Gal Yarimasenka?” (Wouldn’t You Do It, Video girl?), released in June 1989, was a pioneering work in the “amateur pornography” genre, in which women were scouted on street corners, taken to hotels, and engaged in sexual intercourse.

In this series of films, amateur women are approached on street corners and asked to perform. So AV companies didn’t need to go through a production company that holds Porn star and keeping performance fees low.

Furthermore, by exposing the production part of Porn videos, which had remained a mystery since forever, they aroused viewers’ curiosity and quickly succeeded in building a major genre of Porn videos.

In the 1990s, Yukari Okita took the world by storm by showing the “squirting” that occurs when the G-spot is stimulated in her work “Inran ,which means nasty and pruriently , Performance Shokujo Zozoku” (Inran Performance SIKISOKU ZEKU), which also had an impact on beautiful girl actresses who did not have real sex.

inran performance

From this period onward, the use of squirting became established as one of the typical methods used in the production of Porn videos.

On the other hand, with the rise of Porn video, rental video stores, which had sprung up in great numbers, became saturated, and intense price competition ensued.

Rental prices, which had been around 1,000 yen per film, dropped dramatically, and even stores renting Porn video for 100 yen per film appeared.

The strategy that these cornered independent video rental stores adopted to survive against the larger chains, which were taking advantage of the price competition, was to put on their shelves video titles that had not been reviewed by the “Japan Video Ethics Association.

Called “see-through video” because of its highly permeable thin mosaic which can see female genitals ,this work was an overwhelming success among Porn video fans.

However, since many of these products included illegal “uncensored videos,” the police frequently busted video rental stores for distribution of “obscene materials.

The 1990s was also a time of directors who pursued novelty in their films, such as Company Matsuo, a pioneer who established the genre of “pussy shots” in the Porn video world, and Bakshin Yamashita, who created Porn videos with social satire as their subject matter.

There are many more works that remain in my memory.

Reiko Hayama’s “Virgin Palace: Venus with downy Hair,” in which she appeared in an Porn video after her debut as a singer, was a big hit and revived the soft-porn line of A-rank looking actresses.

Reiko Hayama
Citation:Nostalgic AV Actresses: The Goddesses of Beguilement

In 1990, Hoyusha, which had specialized in soft pornography with the success of Hayama, debuted a succession of beautiful actresses, including Hikaru Hoshino, Mai Asakura, and Hitomi Shiraishi, and dramatically expanded its share of the industry.

Labels such as Uchu Kikaku and Alice Japan followed suit, producing popular actresses such as Chiharu Aoyama, Marie Sawaki, and Jitsumine Asaoka.

Ai Iijima, who debuted in 1992, was dubbed the “Queen of Thongs,” and became so popular that she could be considered the end point of one of these trends.

Due in part to the synergy with the late-night TV show “Gilgamesh Night” in which Iijima had appeared before appeared in Porn video , Iijima’s works sold explosively, creating a fierce competition for these “idols who do nude work,” and at the same time transforming Japan pornography itself into a more popular product.

This will mean a division in the market structure itself between productions that feature unknown actresses and do hardcore and those that feature famous actresses and do softcore.

ai Iijima

In the 2000s, “ultra-thin videos,” with mosaics measuring less than 1 mm on a side, appeared, ushering in a cell video boom.

Sell-through videos are an Porn video made for the purpose of sale, and has a completely different distribution channel than the Porn videos that have been made for rental.

Manufacturers such as Soft On Demand and Momotaro Video Publishing increased their performance during this period.

Takahashi, who had been a general producer at Soft on Demand, succeeded in removing the image of video makers with a strong underground image through his aggressive approach to the mass media.

Sell-through videos were all the rage, and by the late 1990s the number of dealers had swelled to as many as 3,000 or 5,000.

Takahashi created a new examination organization, the Media Ethics Association, to create a stir in the old system of the Porn video industry.

It would set the trend for the later establishment of a new examination system.

In 2005, former celebrity Yuma Asami made her debut.

Yuma Asami in white bra

Then in 2006, former idol Sasa Handa debuted in the first work with the title “celebrity” in the Porn video title, triggering a celebrity AV boom.

Sasa Handa's debut work

In April 2008, TV Tokyo’s late-night variety show “Do me a favor! Muscats,” formed the idol unit Yebisu Muscats, which included Porn stars, and the boundary between the entertainment industry and the Porn video industry began to lower.

Ebisu Muscats official website
Citation:Ebisu Muscats official website

At this time, the number of Internet users exceeded 90 million for the first time, and the fiber-optic line usage rate reached about 40% of all households.

Soft On Demand, DMM Group (now FANZA), and MGS, all of which made their names in sell-through videos, launched their own video streaming businesses.

This marked the beginning of the video streaming service era.

In the late 2010s, various video streaming service launched “all-you-can-watch” subscription services.

In 2016, FANZA, a major video streaming site, began streaming Porn videos compatible with VR.

In 2019, Porn video maker Dogma will begin releasing 4K films on FANZA.

In 2021, the first Ultra HD Blu-ray standard software will be released by Idea Pocket, PREMIUM, and other manufacturers.

It’s finished that my explanation of the history of Porn videos in Japan.

Japanese pornography, which began life as a pink film, came to be called “pornographic video,” and then became Porn video, continues to evolve today, with a succession of unique works produced by a variety of makers, directors, and actresses.

About the ranks of Porn stars (sexy actress)

Let me explain here the ranks of Porn stars (sexy actress) in Japan.

There are three main ranks of Porn stars.

▼ One is “single actress (exclusive actress).”

It is not an exaggeration to say that the “Hanagata actresses , which means Star actress ” are the exclusive Porn stars of the production companies, and are truly the flower of the AV industry; while it is said that there are more than 10,000 Porn stars, the “Hanagata Actresses” are at the top of both rank and pay grade.

The fee is “500,000-3,000,000 yen” for one work, and the range is quite wide depending on the level.

The exclusive actress who is personally naughty is “Ayaka Kawakita”.

She is an impeccable actress, ranked No. 1 in FANZA’s ranking of Porn stars for the first half of 2022.

saika kawakita
Citation:Saika Kawakita – S1 OfficialSite

▼ The second is “planned-alone actresses.”

The planed-alone actresses are commonly known as kikatans. This rank is considered second only to the exclusive actresses, but not a little actresses prefer this rank to the exclusive rank.

The reason for this is that there are no contractual restrictions on appearances, so depending on their efforts, they can appear in as many works as they want.

However, without offers from productions, they cannot perform even if they wanted to.

The fee is about “100,000 to 500,000 yen” for one work.

My personal favorite Kikatan actress is Yui Hatano, aka “Hatano of the world .

She has appeared in over 3,400 films in August of 2022.

Citation:Yui Hatano – Twitter

▼ Third, “project actresses.”

Most of the project actresses, who are considered to be at the bottom of the AV industry, are unknown actresses who are doing it as a part-time job.

Since her name alone is not enough to sell her works, she has appeared in many amateur Porn videos that do not mention the name of the actress.

The fees are inexpensive, sometimes in the tens of thousands of yen, and the content of many of the works are so hard, making them the most unprofitable rank.

The fee is about “30,000 to 100,000 yen” per work.

To summarize briefly, “single actresses (exclusive actresses)” have a stable monthly income and a high fee per work.

Kikatan actresses can make money at their own pace, and when they become famous, they can even earn as much as a stand-alone actress.

The “project actresses” are paid the lowest salaries and their offers are the most unstable, making them the best choice for a part-time side job.

This concludes the explanation of the ranks of Porn stars (sexy actress).



Ever since I was a child, I've watched my father's Porn videos silently, and even now, as an adult, I spend most of my salary watching more than 1,000 Porn videos a year. I'm such a libido monster, and I'm introducing my favorite actresses and works that I can't get enough of with my dogmatism and prejudice.


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