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  • A thorough description of “Honoka Furukawa,” a porn actress with an overwhelming sense of transparency but a gap that makes her masturbate eight times a week!

A thorough description of “Honoka Furukawa,” a porn actress with an overwhelming sense of transparency but a gap that makes her masturbate eight times a week!

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Hello, Kei here.

Today I will be explaining about the Porn star “Honoka Furukawa”!

I hope you enjoy reading this article so you can find out what kind of porn star she is and which of the porn videos she has performed in the past I would recommend.

By the way, if you want to see her porn videos, copy and paste “古川ほのか Porn video” into a search box. You should be able to find a lot of videos.

However, be aware that some of the porn videos that exist on the Web can lead you to fraudulent sites or infect your device with viruses.

You should try to buy them from a site you can trust when you watch videos.

Profile of Honoka Furukawa

Drooling, spitting, thick kissing and sex with an absolutely beautiful girl Honoka Furukawa
Citation: FANZA
Name of Porn starHonoka Furukawa
Date of BirthAugust 10, 2001
OriginKanagawa prefecture
ProportionsB83(C) – W58 – H84
HobbiesReading, visiting cafes
Special skillWriting
First sexual experienceFirst-year high school student
BusinessPorn star(AV Actress)
Period of activity as Porn StarFrom 2022
Belonging officeY’s Entertainment

She had worked hard for three years in high school to become an idol, but gave up on her dream due to her poor singing ability.

Later, she started working part-time at a 7-Eleven, but the manager, who was the owner’s son, disliked her terribly, and she suffered from his harsh attitude every day. She was often scolded for the seasoning of her “oden,” in particular.

“I can’t go on with my life like this.”

Having never experienced any success and wanting to break her habit of running away, she decided to jump into the porn industry, which she had been interested in for some time, and made her debut in order to make a name for herself.

She wanted to become a lady who “clever and cool, and smiles fearlessly even in her underwear…”

About her sexual awakening

When she was in fifth grade, she noticed that her pussy was wet when she saw a sexually explicit picture in a lady’s comic book at a convenience store. This incident triggered her interest in sex, and she took a cucumber from the refrigerator at home and put it inside her pussy, but at the time she was still a child and did not feel any pleasure.

However, after that, she found porn videos on her computer and other media, and her sexual desire to have sex grew even stronger.

About her first sexual experience

Her first sexual experience was in her first year of high school with an older boyfriend whom she asked out and started dating. After several dates, she lost her virginity in a love hotel.

After that, she became completely pleasured and turned into a sexual animal, and apparently fucked around in the cracks of buildings, parking lots, school classrooms, and public restrooms.

By the way, she had four relationships and two sexual experiences with people before her debut.

Biography of Honoka Furukawa

So, from this point on, what kind of success has the Porn star “Honoka Furukawa” had so far? I’ve summarized only the points that I think are important.

  • In May 2022, she made her AV debut! The title of the work is “FIRST IMPRESSION 154: Honoka Furukawa“.
  • In September 2022, she appeared on a popular variety show “Hadaka Ikkan!”
Citation: Hadaka Ikkan!

  • In January 2023, she appeared in the TV program “The Moon and the Mole”
  • In March, 2023, she was selected as FANZA’s New Life Support Campaign Girl.
  • In April 2023, she appeared on TBS Radio “Nemuchiki”.
Citation: TBS Radio “Nemuchiki

  • In May 2023, photo book “#Escape Honoka Furukawa” released.
#Escape Honoka Furukawa
Citation: FANZA

  • In June 2023, she appeared on Kachikochi TV.
Citation: X

  • In August 2023, she participated in the “Taipei International porn Exhibition” held in Taipei area, Taiwan.
  • In October 2023, she took the stage in “The Moon and the Mole Chest Grand Prix” and played the role of the single-car girl Green.
  • In December 2023, distributed her debut song “LUNA LOOP” as a member of idol unit “Mi LUNA from Otsuki-chan no Uta”.
Citation: Otsuki-chan no uta [Official].

How did it go?

By the way, what I have presented here is only part of her story, so if you want to learn more about her, check out her Wikipedia page.

Check out Honoka Furukawa’s SNS!

Honoka Furukawa’s social networking sites are X and Instagram. So, as always, let’s take a look at a few of my favorite posts!

Honoka Furukawa’s X

Let’s start with X, which gives us a glimpse of her daily life.

The transparency of the dress makes the dress look very good on her.

The bathing scene, can’t you just love it?

Honoka Furukawa’s Instagram

Now next up, a pinup-like Instagram.

She also looks cute in glasses!

You can tell she is beautiful even when she wears a mask.

Kei recommends “porn videos” by Honoka Furukawa

As usual, I will now introduce in a ranking format the porn videos I have carefully selected at my own discretion and prejudice from among those that have been released so far.

【3rd place】(ipx00875) FIRST IMPRESSION 154 Honoka Furukawa

FIRST IMPRESSION 154 Honoka Furukawa
Citation: FANZA
Recording Time170min
ActressHonoka Furukawa
ActorJun Odagiri, Kensuke Samejima, Yuto Kuroda, Isedon Uchimura
ManufacturerIdea pocket
Serial numberipx00875

I really recommend you to see Furukawa’s debut video!

First, the interview scene. Here, her sexuality was revealed.

“I like sex in abnormal places”, “I like sex in situations where someone might come suddenly”, “I like intense sex”, “I’m a slave. So I want to be teased”, “I love porn and prefer to watch incest, cuckoldry, and rape”, etc.

Her replies totally threw me off—didn’t expect that from her chill vibe! But she said she is a Hentai.
The next scene, the first undressing scene, was not to be missed.

She has small tits, beautiful nipples that are slightly above, a beautiful neckline, and a white, well-shaped ass.

Her face alone is enough to make you excited, and her slender body with fair skin is awesome!

After her first undress scene, they are moving to sex scene. Veteran actor Odagiri appeared.

After the slightly tense sex, she and Samejima are left alone for a fuck scene, followed by a blowjob scene, and finally a threesome with Kuroda & Uchimura.

“Make it harder!”
“It hits me so deeply! I feel so good~!”

The best her reactions was the natural one, such as
She seemed to be quite sensitive and even squirted.

She even dropped a bombshell after a blowjob scene, saying, “I got excited when he shot me on my face , I felt like I was being defiled…”! She’s neat and slave, that’s for sure!

Everyone will be overwhelmed by the sight of this lovely girl writhing in agony.

▼ This “porn video” is recommended for
I would like to see Honoka Furukawa’s debut work.
I like porn stars who are so slender looks like so feeble.
I want to see Honoka Furukawa’s first threesome in her life.

【2nd place】(ipzz00099) On Summer Vacation, a Sweaty, Sober, Glasses-Loving Librarian After Library Closes, Always slutty as She Slowly Hobbies My dick. Honoka Furukawa

On Summer Vacation, a Sweaty, Sober, Glasses-Loving Librarian After Library Closes, Always slutty as She Slowly Hobbies My dick. Honoka Furukawa
Citation: FANZA
Recording Time153min
DirectorDragon Nishikawa
ActressHonoka Furukawa
ActorHaruto Terahashi
ManufacturerIdea pocket
Serial numberipzz00099

The story is about “Honoka Furukawa,” dressed as a plain librarian who looks good in glasses, who seduces a serious student (Terahashi) who comes to the library every day to study and engages in devouring sex with her.

The obscene verbal abuse, handjobs that stop just short of the climax, the slow, rushed blowjob, the undulating cowgirl position, the hard slamming missionary position, and the lewd screams like a roar of a wild animal. It is wonderful work that excites all of us.

One summer vacation day, Terahashi, a student, was looking for a book in the library as usual when he witnessed Furukawa working in a squatting position and he peeped her panties .

Terahashi, who had been secretly in love with her, was transfixed by the sight and gazed at it for a while.

Then she noticed his gaze and began to beckon him with a big smile on her face.

She seemed to be saying, “come here”.

As he approached her fearfully, she smiled bewitchingly and leaned in close to him, whispering in his ear…

“Are you a student?”


“You’re always studying…”

“Yes, but I’m going home. Will it be closed soon…?”

“All you do is study…aren’t you just holding your breath…?”


Furukawa kissed Terahashi slowly, stroking him gently over his clothes…

▼ This “porn video” is recommended for
I want to see “Honoka Furukawa” in glasses.
I want to see “Honoka Furukawa” as a slutty bitch.
I would like to see Honoka Furukawa’s drama works.

【1st place】(ipzz00010) I was unexpectedly sharing a room with my boss, whom I hate to death, at a hot spring inn on a business trip… But I was made to cum over and over again by my ugly, matchless old guy. Honoka Furukawa

I was unexpectedly sharing a room with my boss, whom I hate to death, at a hot spring inn on a business trip… But I was made to cum over and over again by my ugly, matchless old guy. Honoka Furukawa
Citation: FANZA
Recording Time124min
DirectorDragon Nishikawa
ActressHonoka Furukawa
ActorIppei Nakata
ManufacturerIdea pocket
Serial numberipzz00010

“We got here safe and sound, but it’s too hot and boondocky. So I just want to go home right now…”

Furukawa, a female employee on a two-day and one-night business trip alone with Nakata, her boss whom she hates, was complaining on the phone with her boyfriend as soon as they arrived…

She was grateful that the company allowed her to attend a business meeting under the guise of training for new employees, I don’t want to be with Nakata, who is a power harasser and sexual harasser of all kinds……it was nothing but pain….

Furthermore, when they arrived at the hotel where they were staying after the business meeting, they found out that only one room had been prepared!

“Sorry? Where is my room…?”

“We don’t have any money to spend on a new employee like you! Be patient to spend one night here!”


What a surprise.

She had no choice but to try to get another room, even if she would pay herself, but there were no rooms available.

Furukawa had somewhat bad feelings.

And her hunch was right.

She was drugged with sleeping pills, secretly filmed, and helplessly raped.

Sweaty and immersive intercourse on a night so hot that the air conditioner doesn’t work!

The scene in which she climaxed repeatedly with her body arched and turned over was very exciting, as she finally felt it even though she resisted against it!

The scene of her fainting in agony with her glossy, glistening skin soaked with sweat all over, her soft tits with raised nipples, and her flushed cheeks with her messy hair stuck to her cheeks was so irresistible!

▼ This “porn video” is recommended for
I want to see “Honoka Furukawa” in yukata.
I want to see “Honoka Furukawa” getting fucked by being drugged with an aphrodisiac.
I’d like to see the stunning performance of “Honoka Furukawa.”

These are the “Top 3” recommended porn videos by Honoka Furukawa.

Can you see “Uncensored Porn Movie” of Honoka Furukawa?

I tried to find a site where you can watch uncensored porn videos of Honoka Furukawa, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any at the moment.

However, in my experience, the following two video sites are the first to release uncensored pornographic videos by Japanese porn stars, so you should check them out. Just in case.


An uncensored pornographic video site that has been highly acclaimed by numerous magazines.


A site that streams original exclusive and uncensored porn videos in powerful high-definition.

How would I rate the Porn star named “Honoka Furukawa” from Kei’s point of view?

Yes, I would like to conclude by rating “Honoka Furukawa” on a scale of 1 to 5. My rating is as follows.

Heavy breathing★★★★☆
Tits size and shape★★★★☆
Size, shape, and color of nipples and areola★★★★☆
Hip size and shape★★★★☆
Is the acting level high?★★★★☆
Is she good at playing hard?★★★★☆

That concludes my commentary on Honoka Furukawa .

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