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  • A thorough description of Rikka Ono, a Porn video actress who attracts fans with her cute looks and her Kansai dialect!

A thorough description of Rikka Ono, a Porn video actress who attracts fans with her cute looks and her Kansai dialect!

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Hello, Kei here.

Today I will be explaining about the Porn star “Rikka Ono”!

I hope you enjoy reading this article so you can find out what kind of porn star she is and which of the porn videos she has performed in the past I would recommend.

By the way, if you want to see her porn videos, copy and paste “小野六花 Porn video” into a search box. You should be able to find a lot of videos.

However, be aware that some of the porn videos that exist on the Web can lead you to fraudulent sites or infect your device with viruses.

You should try to buy them from a site you can trust when you watch videos.

Profile of Rikka Ono

Naked God rikka ono
Citation: FANZA
Name of Porn starRikka Ono
Date of birthFebruary 14, 2002
OriginShiga prefecture (Kinki area)
ProportionsB81(F) – W58 – H82
Blood typeType AB
HobbiesEating and sleeping
Special skillSleep anywhere
First sexual experienceHigh school sophomore (age 17)
BusinessPorn star(AV actress)
Period of activity as Porn StarFrom 2020
Belonging officearrows

Her charms are her idol-like cute looks, her 148-centimeter minimum body, and her bright, innocent, and friendly personality, as well as her charming Kansai dialect that attracts her fans.

How did she become a porn star?

It was recommended to her by an acquaintance in the show business.

To be more specific, she was asked by him, “Which do you prefer pinup idols or underground idols, or porn stars?” She replied, “I don’t wanna be Underground idols …. pinup would succeed…. Then, maybe I should be a porn film actress?” She finally chose to become a porn film actress.

One of the reasons was that she has always admired “Kirara Asuka” and “Yua Mikami,” though.

From her sexual awakening to her first sexual experience

Her interest in sexual things began in the second grade of elementary school, triggered by the porn manga and porn DVDs on display at a used bookstore, and it was at this time that she began to feel horny.

And the next time she became aware of “sex” was in junior high school, when she kissed her boyfriend in the park at night.

At this time, she said, her whole body was enveloped in a strange “creepy crawly” feeling.

By the way, she never had sex with him, only kissing.

Her first sexual experience was a few years later, when she was 17, with a boyfriend two years older than her. They were making out in his room, and that’s how they got into that kind of mood. To my surprise, she had only had one sexual experience with him before her debut.

Her episodes of being “too popular” during her school days

With her idol-quality looks, cheerful personality, and gentle smile like a sunflower, I thought it was impossible for such an exceptional talent not to be popular, and I was right, she was very popular in school.
At her high school graduation ceremony, she was asked out by five or six guys. When she starts working part-time at a Japanese-style pub, she gets picked on by many playboy. She hated them so much that she changed her part-time job to a tapioca store, but this time, a regular customer who always orders his tapioca milk tea without the “tapioca” persistently asked her when she would be at work.

There are countless stories of her popularity like this, but what I thought was amazing was that she never cheated on her boyfriend once. That’s how much she cared about her boyfriend. She said they were together for two years, and that period of time proves her honesty.

But I’m really glad she didn’t get ambushed in front of the store or become a victim of stalking. There have been a lot of disturbing incidents lately.

Brief History of Rikka Ono

So, from this point on, what kind of success has the Porn star “Rikka Ono” had so far? I’ve summarized only the points that I think are important.

  • In May 2020, she made her porn debut as an exclusive actress of MOODYZ! The title of the film is “18-year-old Rikka Ono Rookie Debut” and her catchphrase at the time was “Both tits and sex are still developing. This debut film ranked first in the “FANZA Daily Ranking” for three consecutive days. Furthermore, it ranked 4th in AV sales by actress for the first half of 2020. She also ranked second in the newcomer category in the “This AV Actress is Amazing!
  • In December 2020, released her 1st photo book “Hatsubana” and held a launch event at Shosen Grande in Jimbocho, Tokyo.
Rikka Ono 1st photo collection Hatsuhana
Citation: FANZA

  • July 2021,she appeared a variety show “Hadaka Ikkan!”.
Citation: Hadaka Ikkan!

  • 21st place in the readers’ poll of “FLASH 2021 Sexy Actress Ranking by 300 Readers” in August 2021.
  • May 2022, 34th in the “2022 Active AV Actress SEXY General Election” announced by Asahi Geino.
  • July 2022, debut as a singer with the song “Youth Jump!”
  • September 2022, appeared in the live event “Mill Gene 10th Anniversary Live Sweet Memories” held at RUIDO, Harajuku, Tokyo.
  • 2023 February, released a photo book “Cowardly Love” and held a launch event at Shosen Grande in Jimbocho, Tokyo.
photo book "Cowardly Love

  • February 2023, she played the role of Misaki Yamane, a junior employee, in the drama “Peach Color Exploration: Legendary Customs” starring comedian Kendo Kobayashi.
  • September 2023, she was selected to play the heroine “Riho Iida” in the live-action “Karamizakari” series, and her first film ranked No. 1 on the weekly Fanza video floor ranking. The second film also ranked No. 1 in the weekly Fanza video floor ranking on October 9 of the same year.
lovesick period

How did it go?

By the way, what I have presented here is only a part of her story, so if you want to learn more about her, check out her Wikipedia page.

Check Rikka Ono’s SNS!

Rikka Ono’s social networking sites are X, Instagram and YouTube. So, as always, let’s take a look at a few of my favorite posts!

Rikka Ono’s X

Let’s start with X, which gives us a glimpse of daily life.

It looks like it appeared in DMMGAMES’ “Harem of Tokyo”.

Cute maid outfit. Apparently there was an autograph session.

Rikka Ono’s Instagram

Now next up, a pinup-like Instagram.

The kimono outfit is much more sexy.

Isn’t she also cute in pajamas?

Rikka Ono’s YouTube

Now, finally, a fun YouTube with a variety of projects.

A video in which she answers various questions at high speed. If you want to know more about her, you should watch it!

Is her Wikipedia true? You should check this video out.

Kei recommends “Porn videos” by Rikka Ono

Let me introduce, as usual, in a ranking format the porn videos I have carefully selected at my own discretion and prejudice from the works that have been released so far.

【No.3】 (mide00770) 18-year-old Rikka Ono, debut as a newcomer.

18-year-old Rikka Ono, debut as a newcomer.
Citation: FANZA
Recording Time118min
ActressRikka Ono
ActorDaisuke Sadamatsu, Rei Tamaki
Serial numbermide00770

I was surprised to learn that she had only one sexual experience before her debut, had never cum, and masturbated.

So I guess you still want to see Rikka Ono’s first debut film.

She is 18-years-old studying childcare at university and has lots of exciting sex scenes that are bewildering, embarrassing, and fascinating.

Let me explain the brief process of the video.

  1. Meet the director in front of the station and move to the studio
  2. Her interview scene with Kansai dialect
  3. Beautiful white tits and a huge ass are revealed in her first undressing scene.
  4. Daisuke Sadamatsu appears for a sexuality check. For the first time in her life, two fingers are inserted into her bristly pussy.
  5. First time with Daisuke Sadamatsu after taking a shower, finishing with a tit job!
  6. Her thoughts on first-time sex scene while filming a shower scene
  7. Image footage of a lovely swimsuit.
  8. She tries sucking and tit job, which she has never made a man cum before, and gets it all over her face.
  9. The director asks her to change her clothes, and she transforms into twin-tailed hair and a school uniform with an innocent look.
  10. She took Hamedori with Rei Tamaki for the first time in her life. The finish is a face shot.
  11. Finished with her realistic feedback after the shoot.

There was no hard play, no threesomes, only one blowjob and two fucks, but the costumes, hair, makeup, etc. were very carefully thought out to make her stand out properly. For fans, this will definitely be a permanent archive.

There are also some close-up images of her anal that is fascinating people who like it.

【2nd place】(MIDE00948) Leading to the Climax with Grown-up Erotic Technique – Rikka Ono, Sex Residence

Leading to the Climax with Grown-up Erotic Technique - Rikka Ono, Sex Residence
Citation: FANZA
Recording Time149min.
DirectorDragon Nishikawa
ActressRikka Ono
SeriesPublic Service Resident
Serial numbermide00948

“Rikka Ono” dressed as a sex worker serving customers in six different situations.

“I’m Rikka, and I’ll be in charge today. I look forward to working with you.”

I love the idea of POV mat play out of the blue!

“Then I’m gonna put lotion on your skin…”

The mat play started with her smearing lotion on her own soft skin!

“Now, then I’ll start…”

Ah, in front of me, there is a beautiful girl, Rikka Ono, in a big, powerful, close-up…

“Does it feel good…?”

The first part of the session begins with a moist kiss, followed by nipple licking, and then a 69 position with a bare bottom showing off her anus.

Grotesque her anal fill the screen…

After all, I think POV images are irresistible!

She starts with a knee-job, licking his foot, and then a foot rubbing against her own nipples…

And at last, she is penetrated by the customer in a cowgirl position…

Rikka’s hips move of her own accord as she is intoxicated with pleasure…

Her tits is swaying in front of my eyes and her limbs waving…

Ah, it’s the peach of the world~~!

The lotion and their love juice mix with each other, making an obscene, sticky sound that echoes throughout the room!

Pile-driving pistons driven madly into her!

Rikka’s plump body is flushed and convulsing as she climaxes…

“Eh, excellent-!”

It’s not just this soap play.

After this, a Pinsaro version in a transparent school uniform. A high school girl masturbatorium with POV.And slave sex club where you can enjoy a verbal assault. A call girl section where the porn actor “Tatsu” appears. The cute maid in a dazzling maid costume continues in the “reflexology” section.

You should climax at least 6 times with them!

With such a pretty girl, I’m sure I’ll be a heavy repeat customer! Am I the only one who felt like going to a sex club right now? LOL!

▼ This “porn video” is recommended for
I want to see “Rikka Ono” dressed as 6 different sex workers.
POV images are exciting!
I love the sex industry!

【1st place】(midv00293) Earnest and cheerful staff turns lewd and slutty, sharing a room with a beast – Rikka Ono – provoking big dick by talking lewdly words.

Earnest and cheerful staff turns lewd and slutty, sharing a room with a beast - Rikka Ono - provoking big dick by talking lewdly words.
Recording Time155min
DirectorHiromichi Hose
ActressRikka Ono
ActorAtsushi Yoshino, Makoto Nojima
SeriesSerious and *** staff turns lewd and slutty, sharing a room with a beast.
Serial numbermidv00293

The general manager, Takazawa, decided to take his staff, Rikka, directly to a business meeting after she delivered a forgotten document to him on a business trip.

The business meeting was succfor the client’s entertainment, she was allowed to attend the reception drinking party.essfully concluded. Then

Rikka cannot drink alcohol at all. However, her client, Nojima, suggested, “Let’s have a drink at least today since the contract has been finalized. Rikka tried her best not to ruin the mood and drank.

Then, sure enough, she started to feel faint, then plopped down on the counter next to Takazawa.

Then, before she fell asleep, she heard something interesting in the conversation between Nojima and Takazawa.

It was that Takazawa, the director of the department, is interested in Slave-sex and that he and his wife have not had sex for a while.

(I didn’t know the boss was a slave-type. And he didn’t have sex with his wife…)

Then Rikka fell asleep.

After a while, she woke up and arrived at the ryokan with Takazawa taking care of her. It seemed that the party was over.

After loosening his tie in relief, Takazawa instructed Rikka to reserve another room.

Rikka, however, refused.

This was because only one room which the company can afford.

“Besides, isn’t it fine, since we’re just going to sleep here?” she pushed him to do so.

Takazawa reluctantly agreed with her, and at Rikka’s urging, decided to have another drink in his room…

Then, perhaps relieved that the entertainment was over, he drank too much and fell asleep in his chair.

How much time has passed? Takazawa woke up and felt strange.

He can’t move his arms.


His hands were tied behind his back…

“I’m stuck…”

In front of him was Rikka, who was sitting at a table and looking down at Takazawa.

“Ono-san? Why did you tie my hands ..?”

“Chief Takazawa… you haven’t been getting laid with your wife lately, have you?”

“That’s why you’re frustrated, aren’t you?”

Takazawa was surprised at how much she has changed.

Different tone of voice, different attitude, different eyes…

“What’s wrong, Ms. Ono…”

“So, you know…I would like to be useful to you…”

“What, huh?”

Rikka, sitting on the table, stretched out her legs and began to play with Takazawa’s nipples with her toes…

“Oh, Ms. Ono! wa.. wait..!”

The rest you’ll have to watch …. LOL!

▼ This “porn video” is recommended for
I want to see “Rikka Ono” playing a slutty lady.
I want to see “Rikka Ono” in glasses and in a suit.

These are the “Top 3” recommended porn videos of Rikka Ono.

Can you see “uncensored porn videos” of Rikka Ono ?

I tried to find a site where you can watch uncensored Rikka Ono porn videos, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any so far.

However, in my experience, the following two video sites are the first to release uncensored porn videos by Japanese porn stars, so you should check them out. Just in case.


An uncensored pornvideo site that has been highly acclaimed by numerous magazines.


A site that streams original exclusive and uncensored porn videos in powerful high definition.

How would I rate the Porn star named Rikka Ono from Kei’s perspective?

Yes, I will end by rating “Rikka Ono” on a scale of 1 to 5. My rating is as follows.

Heavy breathing★★★☆☆
Tits size and shape★★★★☆
Size, shape, and color of nipples and areola★★★★☆
Hip size and shape★★★☆☆
Is the acting level high?★★★☆☆
Is she good at playing hard?★★★☆☆

That concludes my commentary on Rikka Ono. Thanks!

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Ever since I was a child, I've watched my father's Porn videos silently, and even now, as an adult, I spend most of my salary watching more than 1,000 Porn videos a year. I'm such a libido monster, and I'm introducing my favorite actresses and works that I can't get enough of with my dogmatism and prejudice.


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