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  • An in-depth look at Ema Futaba, a popular Japanese porn star with smooth, beautiful armpit and a loud, beastly moan that attracts fans!

An in-depth look at Ema Futaba, a popular Japanese porn star with smooth, beautiful armpit and a loud, beastly moan that attracts fans!

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Hello, Kei here.

Today I will explain about “Ema Futaba,” who became a porn star with very little knowledge of sex!

I hope you enjoy reading this article so you can find out what kind of porn star she is and which of the porn videos she has performed in the past I would recommend.

By the way, if you want to see her porn videos, copy and paste “二葉エマ Porn video” into your search. You should be able to find a lot of videos.

However, be aware that some of the porn videos that exist on the Web can lead you to fraudulent sites or infect you with viruses.

I’ll try to buy from a site I trust when I watch videos.

Profile of Ema Futaba, a popular Japanese porn star

Citation: FANZA
Name of Porn starEMA FUTABA
NicknameEma chin
Date of BirthAugust 7, 1998
OriginKanagawa prefecture (Kantou area)
Stature149 cm
ProportionsB85(F) – W61 – H90
Special skillJapanese dance and cooking
First sexual experienceUniversity freshman (age 19)
BusinessPorn star
Period of activity as Porn StarFrom 2020
Belonging officeLife promotion

Her charms are her lovely looks, innocent atmosphere, and smooth, beautiful armpits.

And it’s also exciting to hear her moaning like wild beasts so loud that you wonder if the neighbors will call the police.

There was an interesting episode.

It happened a long time ago when she was dating her college boyfriend in an apartment with very thin walls.

So the moaning of her when they had sex rang out not only in the next room, but also in the surrounding area.

And it was even more difficult because his classmates from the same university were living in
other rooms of the apartment.


“I think he has a beast in his room.”

There were rumors about it.

If you’ve lived in a room with thin walls, you know that you can hear neighbers conversation.

I lived in such an apartment once myself, and immediately received complaints from my neighbors that the TV was too loud.

They even complain about it on TV, so I hear it even more when it’s a sexual moan.

By the way, her first sexual experience was at the age of 19, and to her surprise, it felt good from the beginning.

What’s even more amazing is that she begged for it three times on the day she lost her virginity, isn’t that amazing?

Her libido is also at the level of a wild beast!

She made her Porn star debut because of her admiration for Kana Momonoki!

What made her decide to become a porn video actress was her admiration for Kana Momonoki.

At the time, she was a member of the female idol group “Ebisu Muscats,” and when she saw her on a late-night variety show, she said, “There is such a cute Porn star in this world! she was instantly captivated by her.

To begin with, she was a rather plain type and did not have much self-confidence, but as she imitated Kana Momonoki’s hair style and makeup, she began to receive more and more compliments on how beautiful she had become.

She studied tips to being cute while checking social networking sites frequently.

Eventually, her desire to stand on the same stage as Kana Momonoki grew stronger, and she finally decided to become an Porn video actress!

Incidentally, the application was not submitted through the AV agency’s website, but through Momonogi.com, Kana Momonogi’s official website.

She watched porn for the first time at age 19!

The first time she watched a porn video was when she was 19 years old, at a love hotel she went to with a classmate’s boyfriend she was dating at the time.

She had known about Porn videos, but that was the first time she became aware that there was such a job as an Porn video actress.

In hindsight, though, she had no idea that she would become a porn star at this time.

However, the influence of the video she saw at the love hotel was so great that after watching it, she and her boyfriend tried various things, imitating the play content of the video.

By the way, she has never masturbated while watching porn either. It seems that she only started doing it after her debut, when her body’s sexual zones were developed.

Biography of Ema Futaba, a popular Japanese porn star

So, from this point on, what kind of success has the porn star “Ema Futaba” had so far? I have summarized only the points that I think are important.

  • In December 2018, she released a nude image, “Hakkutsu Beautiful Girl Revolution.
  • In August 2020, she made her Porn star debut! The title of the work is “Rookie AV Debut FIRST IMPRESSION 143 Angel, F-cup 149cm Minimalist Girl, Ema Futaba”.
Citation: FANZA

  • Appeared on the TV program “Bi~chi 9” in November 2020
Citation: Twitter

  • May 2021, photo book “Rabupara: Ema Futaba” was released.
  • June 2021, She appeared on “Sexy Industry Self-Reveal Variety – Aren’t I a __? as a Guest.
Citation: Torigoe Azzurri FM – YouTube

  • Oct. 2021, appeared in the TV program “Yura Kano‘s LOVE Showa”.
Citation: Yura Kakino – Twitter

  • November 2021, appeared in the video “Underwear Exposition”.
Citation: OP PICTURES PLUS – YouTube

  • Appeared on Life TV’s talk show for the first time in February 2022
Citation: Entachan – YouTube

  • Appeared on TBS Radio “Nemuchiki” in July 2022
Citation: TBS Radio “Nemuchiki” – Twitter

  • Appeared in the movie “True Transparent Perverted Man 2 :Ladies at the mercy of demonic perfume” in October 2022.
  • January 2023, photo book “Best a little sister” released
Best a little sister
Citation: Amazon

How was that?

By the way, what I have shown here is only part of her story, so if you want to learn more about her, check out her Wikipedia page.

Check out Ema Futaba’s SNS!

Ema Futaba’s social networking sites are Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
So, as always, I’ll give you a few of my favorite posts!

Ema Futaba’s Twitter

We start with Twitter, which has over 50,000 followers.

Citation: Twitter

I think the wonderful thing about her is that she can properly thank her fans for the gifts they give her.

Citation: Twitter

This pink bunny outfit suits her very well, doesn’t it?

Ema Futaba’s Instagram

Next up is Instagram, which has over 100,000 followers.

I would go there every day if I had such a cute waitress.

She appeared on the variety show “Kachikochi TV.

Ema Futaba’s YouTube

And YouTube with over 30,000 channel subscribers.

Citation: YouTube

This is a true horror story that Ema experienced. She tells her ghost story in a bikini, so it’s a collaboration of eroticism and horror.

Citation: YouTube

Please watch the video where you can learn more about her and she answers 50 questions.



Ever since I was a child, I've watched my father's Porn videos silently, and even now, as an adult, I spend most of my salary watching more than 1,000 Porn videos a year. I'm such a libido monster, and I'm introducing my favorite actresses and works that I can't get enough of with my dogmatism and prejudice.


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