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  • An in-depth look at popular Japanese porn star Minami Aizawa, winner of the Best Actress Award at the 2019 FANZA Porn Awards!

An in-depth look at popular Japanese porn star Minami Aizawa, winner of the Best Actress Award at the 2019 FANZA Porn Awards!

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Hello, Kei here.

Today I will be describing the popular Porn star Minami Aizawa, who won the Best Actress Award at the 2019 FANZA Adult Awards!

I hope you enjoy reading this article so you can find out what kind of porn star she is and which of the porn videos she has performed in the past I would recommend.

By the way, if you want to watch her Porn videos, copy and paste ” 相沢みなみ Porn video” into a search box. You should be able to find a lot of videos.

However, be aware that some of the videos that exist on the Web can lead you to fraudulent sites or infect you with viruses.

When you watch porn videos, make sure you buy them from a site you can trust.

Profile of popular Japanese porn star Minami Aizawa

idbd00888 みなみの島へようこそ 相沢みなみCUTIE BEST8時間10作品20本番
Name of Porn starMINAMI AIZAWA
Date of BirthJune 14, 1996
OriginHong Kong (China)
Blood typeType A
Stature155 cm
ProportionsB80(C) – W54 – H82
Special skillAccessory Making
First sexual experience18 years old
BusinessPorn star
Period of activity as Porn Star2016-.
Belonging officeApricity

Her charm is her beautiful looks and cute smile. She also has a bright and friendly personality and a superbly slender body that knocks you out.

How did she become a porn star?

It all started when she was scouted by the president of an office in town during her first year of college.

She has been a magazine model, so scouting was not unusual, but she did not want to become a porn star.

Because there seemed to be scary people and she thought it was a dark and suspicious industry.

And she wasn’t even interested in it in the first place.

So she refused crisply at first.

But this president did not give up….

What a surprise, from this point on he kept hitting on her for about a year.

Then her feelings changed….

“Do you need me that badly…?”

“She began to think and listen to what they had to say….”


He wanted her to be the first stand-alone actress because his company had just started.
Then she was told that he had a dream to grow his office….

Moved by such serious enthusiasm, she finally made a decision!

“Well, I don’t know how far I can go, but let’s grow the office together.”

So that’s how it came to be.

She decided to become a porn video actress to respond to his passionate persuasion and desire.

The encounter between these two people made “Minami Aizawa” what she is today.

By the way, she had dated six men before her debut and only had sex with three of them.

She said she had only had sex with people she liked, and it was hard for her to have sex with a porn actor she didn’t like.

She cried when the cameras weren’t rolling in her debut video.

It was the first time for her to experience everything, so I can understand her feelings. But I think she did a great job.

After her debut, she was not expecting to suffer so much!

She made her debut with great enthusiasm, working closely with the president of the office, but she was in for a rough ride!

Her work didn’t sell as well as she would have expected.

With the amount of sales, the porn industry shows results clearly. The low sales of her works are immediately noticed by her, and the contract was cut by the manufacturer.

Of course, if that were the case, it would be impossible to hold an event, let alone a photo shoot.

In an industry, from 2,000 to as many as 6,000 porn stars debut each year. It was difficult to keep winning from the start, even with a visual as good as hers.

She must have been shocked, but the president of the companythat scouted her and the manufacturer must have been shocked as well.

Because she was a sophomore in college at the time and was most afraid that her parents would find out, so hewas very careful to finish filming by 9:00 p.m. and take her home.

However, in my opinion, the reason for the lack of sales was because of the lack of exposure to various media.

But, she was still afraid of being discovered by her parents, and advertising and interviews with various media outlets would be fatal for her, so she did not want to take the risk of being exposed at the time.

She was trapped, and then camemore tragedy.

To my surprise, her best friend blew off her stage name, “Minami Aizawa,” to her parents.

Then, from the parents who were furious and strongly opposed,

“When you can’t sell porn videos anymore, you will be a prostitute and eventually kill yourself!”

I heard what they said.

Her work was not selling well, her contract has been cancelled by the manufacturer, and her best friend has betrayed her…

It is easy to imagine that she was quite mentally depressed during this period.

But here is where it got great.

Instead of giving up, she went around doing offline meetings and photo shoots, and increased her exposure in the media.

Then, gradually, her funs are increased and her works sell well.

As her works began to sell well, the makers said, “Huh? Minami Aizawa is selling well. Why don’t we work together again?”. Then the contract was signed again.

When this happened, she was able to do events and her work sold out. She became even more popular and well-known, so she finally won Best Actress at the 2019 FANZA Adult Awards!

It’s amazing! It means she is on top of the porn stars of the year!

At this point, she was so happy that she had finally made it to the starting point that she could not stop crying.

She said on YouTube and in other media that she wouldn’t be where she is today without the support of her fans. So she still cares very much about her fans.

No, no, I want to tell her that her fans followed her because she didn’t give up, changed hermind, and worked hard to stay positive!

Her motto is “I am what I believe in.”

Apparently, her father used to say this to her when she was a child.

Talented and beautiful, she was raised by strict parents in a wealthy family!

Her parents are wealthy.

After being born in Hong Kong, she moved to Los Angeles in the United States, where he lived until the third grade.

Thenshe transferred to Japan, but when she was in high school, she went to back to the U.S. to study.

So, as you can imagine, her English is very good.

It’s amazing that she is able to respond to fans from overseas in English.
Of course, I hear that the daily english conversation level is no problem at all for her.

She is beautiful, smart, stylish, classy, and speaks English fluently, which is the “combination of talent and beauty” that all men in the world are longing for.

She was raised by strict and educated parents, which made her earnest and high achiever, and she was able to get into a certain famous private university in Tokyo without any problem.

Her first experience was at 18, and she rarely masturbate!

Her first experience was at age of 18, a year before her debut, with a boyfriend she was dating at the time.

The location was hisroom. Moreover, he chose a time when his parents weren’t at home.

Of all the women who become porn stars, her first experience was one of the later ones. Were they both shy?

What is even more surprising is that she rarely masturbates.
She says it is usually every two or three weeks, and sometimes not for a month.

Brief history of popular Japanese porn star Minami Aizawa

So, from this point on, what kind of success has the Porn star “Minami Aizawa” had so far? I have summarized only the points that I think are important.

  • In September 2016, when she was a sophomore in college, she made her debut in the porn video “FIRST IMPRESSION 103 Impact! The birth of an unsurpassed 19-year-old idol Porn star! She has such a cute face, but she loves sex!”

  • September 2017,she appeared on the variety show “Abeno Channel” as a guest.
Citation: Entachan – Twitter

  • In March 2018, she successfully graduated from the university she attended for four years and decided to focus on being an Porn star.
  • May 2019,she won FANZA Adult Awards 2019 Best Actress Award.
Citation: Twitter

  • In June 2019, appeared on the variety show “Jikkuri Kiitarou”.
Citation: Twitter

  • September 2020, she appeared in the movie “Burning Relationship: Cat’s Crotch lady”.
A sordid relationship Cat's crotch onna

  • She ranked 7th place in the readers’ poll of “FLASH 2020 Best 100 Sexiest Active Porn star” in December 2020.
  • December 2020, first photo book “aiminam” released
Minami Aizawa 1st. photo collection

  • April 2021: Ranked 17th in the “2021 Active Porn star SEXY General Election” announced by Asahi Geino.
  • 40th place in “FLASH 2021 Porn star Ranking by 300 Readers” in August 2021.
  • Asahi AV Grandgave her the Best Nude Director Prize, selected by Asahi Entertainment at its own discretion and prejudice, in December 2021, .
  • January 2022, photo book “Mi” released
Minami Aizawa Photo Book Mi

  • In May 2022, 4th place in the “2022 Porn star Sexual Election” held by Asahi Geino.
  • In January 2023, FANZA mail order floor ranking “Sensei…Can I stay over today? She seduces me and teases me sexually until morning comes. Minami Aizawa” ranked No. 1!

  • In April 2023, “Yuua Mikami and Arina Shin and Minami Aizawa,” a co-starring work, was ranked No. 1 in the FANZA mail order floor ranking for the first time.

How did it go?

By the way, what I have presented here is only part of the story, so if you want to learn more about her, check out her Wikipedia page.

Check out Minami Aizawa’s SNS!

Minami Aizawa’s social networking sites are Twitter and Instagram, and YouTube and TikTok.
So, as always, l’ll just give you a few of my favorite posts!!!

Minami Aizawa’s Twitter

I start with Twitter,which has over 780,000 followers.


So she went to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. It is fantastic and very beautiful!


A tweet from a hanami party she attended after being invited by Director Muranishi, who has had a roller-coaster life.Nice!

Minami Aizawa’s Instagram

Next up is Instagram with over 890,000 followers.

It’s nice to see people in gorgeous furisode. It’s glamorous and New Year’s-like.

Beautiful back shots for those with a butt fetish!

Minami Aizawa’s YouTube

And then there’s YouTube, which has over 30,000 subscribers and is called “Minya Channel”.


If you want to know more about her, you should watch this video of questions! There is a first part and a second part, so let me introduce them in order! Let’s start with the first part.


And this is the second part. I used it as a great reference when I wrote this article.

Minami Aizawa’s TikTok

Lastly, TikTok with over 170K followers

@minami_aizawa_ おはよう☀ #相沢みなみ #fyp #foryou #推荐 #推薦 #撮影の裏側 ♬ Cookies x Domino – Kuya Magik


She is too sexy and horny that makes me dizzy.

@minami_aizawa_ 全く踊れてないのに若干長いから見たい人だけ見てね🫢w #相沢みなみ #foryou #fyp #推荐 #推薦 #毎日投稿 #ダンス ♬ トゥルティンアンテナ – 佐 藤

Citation: TikTok

It is clear that a lot of effort has gone into maintaining her good shape.



Ever since I was a child, I've watched my father's Porn videos silently, and even now, as an adult, I spend most of my salary watching more than 1,000 Porn videos a year. I'm such a libido monster, and I'm introducing my favorite actresses and works that I can't get enough of with my dogmatism and prejudice.


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