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A through explanation of “Aoi Tsukasa”, who is in the top 3 rankings in 2022!

Tsukasa Aoi in a gray bra
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Hey guys!
It’s Kei.

How are you doing guys?

Today, I’m going to explain about “Aoi Tsukasa”, a popular Japanese porn star!!

As of July 2022, she is still active at the age of 31. Recently, she has become more and more mature and has become really beautiful.

If you read this article, you will know what kind of porn star “Aoi Tsukasa” is and whih of the porn videos she appears in is recommended, so please enjoy reading.

But, the contents of this article are subjective information such as personal opinions and impressions, so please forgive those who do not agree with my opinions.

By the way, if you want to see “Aoi Tsukasa” porn videos, copy and paste “葵つかさ Porn video” and goole it! You should find lots of videos.

But keep in mind.

On the Internet, there are tons of one-click frauds. As you click “Play button” or “Over 18” it may take you to a suspicious link and will take your personal information.
Be careful out there.

You will often hear ”XVIDEOS” or ”PORNHUB” as free porn video websites. Although you are able to download videos for free, I still believe you should purchase it on reliable websites.

Anyways, Let’s get started!

The biography / summary of “Tsukasa Aoi”

Tsukasa Aoi in a bright red bra
Name of Porn starTsukasa Aoi
BirthdayAugust 14th, 1990
Height163 cm
BWH measurementsB88(E)-W58-H86
Blood typeType O
HobbyWatching movies, Taking a bath
Special skillpiano, saxophone
Jobporn star, talent
Activity period as a porn star2010年~(she is still active today, July 2022)
Agency AffiliationEightman

She was a gravure idol, and she has fair skin and plump body.

She has beautiful areola color and nipple shape. Of course, she has outstanding looks, and her personality is kind and gentle.

As I explained earlier, she has become really pretty lately. It’s hard to find an actress who is sexy enough to get an erection just by looking at her face.

There is a past that appeared in regular programs as an idol

She is amazing!!

She’s been doing talent activities since she was in high school. At the age of 17, she was so popular that she graced the cover of men’s monthly information magazine “Bee Jeans”, was voted No.1 in fan voting, and had a regular program on a local broadcasting station.

Then, in 2008, at the age of 18, she made her debut as an idol! After appearing in many magazine gravures and photo collections, image videos, etc…, she got overwhelming popularity.

In 2010, when she turned 20, she suddenly made her debut as an porn star in the work “Zettai Shyoujo Aoi Tsukasa”, which shocked the world!

Zettai Shyoujo Aoi Tsukasa

Because it’s common nowadays, but back then it was rare for a “talent” or “gravure idol” to become a porn star.

Of course, her popularity exploded with the debut of a super-larger newcomer!! She ran up the stairs to stardom at once.

This is a digression, but after all, debut videos are amazing. Because the freshness remains, you can get a glimpse of the original expression, and the unprofessional acting is irresistible. This is true for all porn stars, but there are a lot of great works to get excited about in debut work.

She won number 3 in this year’s “2022 Active Porn Star SEXY Election”

11 years have passed since her Porn star debut at the age of 20, and she turned 31 this year.

A member of the general public loses her radiance as her skin deteriorates as her ages. Furthermore, more than 1,000 young and sexy porn stars in their late teens or early 20s debut one after another every year, so maintaining popularity and continuing to sell in this industry with many rivals, is said to be quite difficult.

So, the reality is that most porn stars have disappeared from the industry within a few years.

But she is something else entirely!!

As I explained at the beginning of this article, instead of deteriorating and fading away, she is becoming more radiant and sexier every year, and even her popularity continues to increase steadily.

This is truly amazing.

As proof of this, she was ranked third in the “2022 Active Porn Star SEXY Election” announced by Asahi Geino in May of this year.

Of course, this is not the only award she has received. Another recent one to note is her appearance at the Shueisha “Weekly Playboy” Erodemi Awards in March 2022, “To the Best Passive Masturbation Experience! ASMR Subjective, JOI, Powerful Flesh Footage: Extreme Dick Support by Sis Tsukasa Aoi” won an acoustic award.

Tsuka Aoi supports masturbation

The Sound Award is a prestigious prize given to the work and the person who has done the most outstanding sound editing, and the high level of sound in this film was remarkable.

Of course, in addition to the lewd words and gaps whispered in your ear, there are plenty of powerful sex scenes using ASMR and ultra-wide angle powerful lenses! It would not be an exaggeration to say that this is exactly the kind of work that makes masturbation 10 times more pleasurable.

By the way, AMMR stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”, and refers to videos that record sounds that stimulate people’s hearing and vision and make them feel comfortable.

She has been one of the most popular since her debut and has been showing a variety of activities.

In addition to the awards just mentioned, she has also been featured on the cover of the monthly magazine “Saizo,” starred in the movie “Josei 701-go: Scorpion Gaiden No.41 Zoshinbo,” appeared in a drama series on the Taiwanese national broadcasting station, and received the FLASH Award at the “SKY Perfect Adult Broadcasting Awards,” among other awards, demonstrating her mu;tiple talents in a wide range of fields.

A movie in which Tsuka Aoi played a female prisoner.

I think it’s really rare and amazing that a porn star can be active for more than 10 years.

But that’s how hard she has to work. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to release more than 270 individual works.

Check her Instagram if interested!

I want you to check her Instagram.

Because you will feel as if you are looking at a gravure photo book. You’ll be overwhelmed by the array of sensual photos that will simulate your instincts!!

That’s what I’d expect from a former gravure idol!!

No other porn star could ever imitate her.

Her posing directly stimulates men’s crotch, her eyes are like being absorbed into the body, and her sex appeal is so strong that you can almost smell it.

How lucky we are able to see these photos for free!

Her Instagram is very popular, and as of July 2022, she has 468,000 followers.



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