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  • Everything you need to know about “Mana Sakura”.The intellectual star who even appears in political shows.

Everything you need to know about “Mana Sakura”.The intellectual star who even appears in political shows.

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Hey there, I’m Kei.

Are you guys having fun?

Today, I will be introducing you to Mana Sakura, a popular Japanese porn star.
By reading this article, you will find out what kind of a porn star “Mana Sakura” is. Please, read this article for pleasure, because I will show you guys which porn videos are the best.
But have in mind that this article is filled with my thoughts and my thoughts only. So, forgive me if you couldn’t agree with me.

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But keep in mind,
On the Internet, there are tons of one-click frauds. As you click “Play button” or “Over 18” it may take you to a suspicious link and will take your personal information.Be careful out there.

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Anyways, Let’s get started!

The biography / summary of “Mana Sakura”

What type of porn star is “Mana Sakura”?

“Mana Sakura” is an active Japanese porn star (as of July 2022), pin-up girl, talent, columnist and a YouTuber.

She is a strong supporter of feminism even among the porn star community. She is also informed in politics and economy. Therefore, she is sought after by many types of shows.

Recently, she had great success as she was arranged as a regular on “Abema Prime”, an internet news show.

Mana Sakura in blue

Her catchphrase is “What’s better than lemon tea? (Manaty!) What’s better than herbal tea (Manaty!) Yes, I will toggle your ’Yaruki Switch’(a key to get you motivated).” However, she wants to quit this catch phrase, and is calling herself “Ero-Ya (the sexy talent)”.


Name of Porn starMana Sakura
BirthdayMarch 23rd, 1993
OriginOfficially Kanagawa Prefecture (everything else says Chiba Prefecture)
Height160 cm
Weight45 ㎏
BWH measurementsB89(F)- W58 – H89
Blood typeType B
Jobporn star, pin-up girl, talent, columnist, YouTuber.
Activity period as a porn star2011~(she is still active today, July 2022)
Agency AffiliationMine’S

Dropping out the first year of highschool and becoming a porn star

“Mana Sakura” is gaining publicity as an intellectual porn star who even writes novels.

Having a childish face which is cute as an idol’s and beautifully tits, she was even on the front page of a popular magazine (Young Animal-Arashi)!

▼ History

National Institute of Technology, Kisarazu College Dropping out Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

While going to highschool、 her image video debut ”Kojo Moe Bishoujyo Mana Sakura 18” was released in November, 2011. Becomes a pin-up girl, and then debuts as a porn star in “Mana Sakura Porn star Debut” in February, 2012.

She was chosen 1st place in both video and porn star ranking at DMM.com(now known asFANZA)in April of the same year.

At the SOD Award 2012、 she was nominated in 6 Awards. The Grand Prize Actress Award, Outstanding Performance Award, Best Cell Video Award, Grand Prize Non-Package Video Award, 3rd in Non-Package Video Award, Ten Thousand Sales with Three Videos Award

In the same year, she won both, Rookie Actress Award Sucapa-! Adult Broadcast 2013 and FLASH Award.

Sanma Akashiya chose her in 7th place in the Top 10 Lovemates at “Sanma and Nakai’s Konya mo nemurenai” corner during “FNS 27-hour Waratte Iitomo” show in July 2012. However she was paparazzied while she was dating secretly on “FRIDAY” in October 2013,

In April 2014, she released a CD as an idol unit “Otome frappuccino(now known as OTOTOY Friday)” with Minami Kojima who works together in the same office and appears together on
CS shows.

Citation:OTOTOY FRIDAY – Twitter

In the same year, she was 2nd in Popular Porn Star Popularity vote to become a character in Sega’s “Ryu ga Gotoku”.

On March 3rd 2015, she was nominated for Best Actress Award Sucapa-! Adult Broadcast 2015 and FLASH Award for the second time. Being awarded in Rookie Actress Award Sucapa-! Adult Broadcast 2013, she was the first Actress to hold three titles.

On May 4th, 2016, she was nominated for Media Prize DMM.R18 Adult Award2016.

On March 9th, 2018, she was nominated for 6 awards. VR Sales Grand Prize, TAKARAJIMA VR Prize, TSUTAYA Actress Prize, Exclusive Actress Prize, Outstanding Exclusive Prize, and
Ganari Takahashi Prize in SODAWARD2018.

In May 2020, she won the Active Actress Award in TOKUMASHOTEN’s survey. In the same survey, she was 1st in every vote excluding Osaka’s 40-50 age selection.

On August 15th 2020, she appeared in “TOKYO SAKE FESTIVAL2020 ” and was selected Sake Culture Ambassador also with Minami Kojima and Ai Uehara.

In December 2020, she was 11th in Readers Award on “FLASH 2020 Active Greatest Porn Star BEST 100”

In February 2021, she was 4th in GEO TV “Which Porn Star would you get Valentine’s Day? Survey”. In April 2021, she was7th in ASAHI GEINOW’s “2021 Active Porn Star SEXY Election”.

In August 2021, she won Reader’s Selection “FLASH 2021 Porn Star Ranking within 300 Readers”.

In May 2022, she was 2nd in ASAHI GEINOW’s “2022 Active Porn Star SEXY Election”.

▼ Characteristic

Her stage name came from Maya Sakura and Mana Ashida, who were really popular back then.

She chose to become a porn star because she had complexes with her inside and outside.

She thought that she would have high demands while she was young. However, after debut, she realized that some porn stars were over 70 and people’s demands varied over body shape and plays. After realizing these demands, she thought about how to live better.

Her first sexual experience was when she was 16, with her teacher, in his car.


How did she become the most popular porn star by 2021?

As explained before she is awesome because she won Reader’s Selection “FLASH 2021 Porn Star Ranking within 300 Readers”.

In reality there were more than 300 readers.

To prove this she appeared more and more as a talent.

She was popular on YouTube, TV, movies, radio and all over the media.

Her Youtube is filled with interesting contents. She has two channels “Mana Sakura (Manaty Channel)” and “Mana Sakura 2nd“. Recently she only updated “Mana Sakura 2nd”, so if you want to watch her Youtube, visit “Mana Sakura 2nd”.

I have two recommendations for Youtube videos. Firstly “Money, Work, Marriage. Answering 100 questions ‘from fans.” You can know more about her by watching this video.


The other is “‘Questioning back’ Answering problems which are difficult to consult in reality ‘Mens Edition‘”. This is a video about answering men’s problems and troubles.


She has an intellectual impression as a porn star

She reads a lot and has an outstanding talent for writing.

She talked about writing a column serially for TOYOTA’s car website “GAZOO”. Also, her essay “Finding my only true calling in the world while I was in technical college.” which was published in January 2015 and hitted big, got the title for Amazon.co.jp’s Best Seller(Talent Book Sesion).


She also got 1st on RAKUTEN’s General Movie Section (Japan). It was so popular that when the essay was first published, it was out of stock at every bookstore.

In February 2016, she published the novel “Disgusting.” which is about women living in the porn world. Hence, in March 2017, she published a long novel “Bumps”. Her first novel “Disgusting.” was made into a movie by KADOKAWA.

This is an amazing thing. No other porn star has accomplished this.

The movie “Disgusting.” was nominated in the Competition Section, which is the highest section at Tokyo International Film Festival. It became one of Japan’s representative works with “Shiver by yourself” which is written by Risa Wataya, an Akutagawa Award writer.

On October 2020, her 3rd novel “Spring, loving to die.” was chosen as a nominee at the 42nd NOMA Literature Rookie Award.

She is full of talent.

Not only writing but her talk is also interesting.

To prove so, she appears regularly on AbemaTV’s “AbemaPrime” as a commentator since October 2017.

AbemaTV is a political show and only an intelligent girl like Mana Sakura can do this job.

By the way, she went to Tsukuba University to talk about media content in December 2017.

She’s cute, has a great body, intelligent, hot as hell. What an amazing woman she is!!


Not only a porn star, but also a talent

From here, I will introduce what media she appeared in from her debut until now.

▼ Movies

  • GodTounge Kiss Gaman Senshuken THE MOVIE(released on June 2nd 2013, directed by Nobuyuki Sakuma) – acted as Mana
  • Shoujyo ha Isekai de tatakatta(released on September 27th 2014, directed by Shusuke Kaneko) – acted as shrine maiden
  • Eternal・Maria(released on August 6th 2015, directed by Takehito Sakamoto) -starred as Maria Aoi
  • KARATE KILL(September 3rd 2016) -acted as Mayumi

▼ TV Shows

  • SOD Jyoshi Shain no Oshigoto desuyo (February 1st, 2012, July 4th, September 1st 2013, December 1st 2014, January 3rd 2015, ENTA!371)
  • Gekkan Mana Sakura(July 2nd 2012, ENTA!371)
  • BEAT TAKESHI no ato 4 kai dake Yarasete TV(March 28th 2012, TBS)
  • Gekkan Mana Sakura2(June 1st 2013, ENTA!371)
  • 24 Jikan Kasumi Radio no Uragawa(Sepetember 2012, ENTA!371)
  • Kotoba no Houssoku (September 26th 2012, Nihon TV)
  • 〜The God Tongue ~(October 3rd 2012, TV Tokyo)”Dai 6 kai Kiss Gaman Senshuken”
  • Mapadaka AV Night(October 4th-7th 2012, BS SUCAPA-!/ch.241)
  • BEAT TAKESHI no ato 6 kai dake Yarasete TV (December 28th 2012, TBS)
  • SHIMURA KEN no Baka Tono-sama ‘Baka Tono-sama Hatsu Warai! Kazoku Sorotte Dai-Bakusho Special(January 11th 2013, FUJI TV) -Yume no naka no Onna(No appearance credit)
  • YOSHIMITSU TOKUI no Chakku Orosase te-ya(March 15th 2013, BS SUCAPA-!)
  • GO!GO!KOJIMANA Gou(May 2013 – September 2015, ENTA!959)
  • Mou! BAKA RYTHEM san no H! (November 24th 2013, NOT TV)
  • Hadaka Bijin #24(December 2013, ENTA!959)
  • SHIMURA & TSURUBE no Abunai Kouyuuroku(January 2nd 2014, TV Asahi)
  • Yoso de Iwan toi Te〜 Koko dake no Hanashi ga Kikeru(HI)Ryotei〜(February 19th 2015・February 25th 2016, TV Tokyo)
  • 24 Jikan TV Ero ha Chikyuu wo Sukuu(December 5th-6th 2015, BS SUCAPA-!)
  • Mayonaka no Obaka Sawagi! (February 5th-26th 2016, Chiba TV・Tokyo MX)
  • Quiz Pinch Hitter(July 10th 2020, FUJI TV)
  • Aiseki Shokudou (September 15th 2020, Asahi Housou)
  • Doukyuusei, nochi Sexy Jyoyuu(March 31st 2021, TV Tokyo)

▼ Drama

  • Yamikin Ushijima-kun Season2 (January-March 2014, Mainichi Housou)-as Papiko
  • LOVE Riron (April 13th, 2015, TV Tokyo)-as Akiho
  • Shinryaku! Galpanda Z (2016, TOKYO MX)
  • Yurui (2016, TOKYO MX)

▼ Radio

  • Makoto Otake Golden Radio! (March 4th, 2015, Nippon Bunak Housou)
  • Tonikaku Akarui Yasumura and Mana Sakura no Tonikaku Maru Hadaka!(April 3rd, 2015 – March 26th, 2016, Nippon Bunka Housou)
  • TENGA Presents Midnight World Cafe ~TENGA Chaya~ (April 18th, 2015 -, FM Osaka)
  • JUNK Ogiyahagi’s Megane Biiki(December 18th 2015, TBS Radio)
  • Dynamite Ecstasy 2015
  • Mana Sakura・Hollywood Zakoshisho no Asamade Maru Hadaka! (April 4th [midnight on the 3rd] – September 25th [midnight on the 24th] 2016)
  • Mana Sakura ・ Daitori Nomoto no Doushitara Iideshou ka? (October 2nd [midnight on the 1st] 2016- October 1st [midnight on September 30th], 2017, Nippon Bunka Housou)
  • Mana Sakura no Magic Mirror Night (October 8th [midnight on the 7th], 2017 – March 28th, 2021, Nippon Bunka Housou)
  • Mana Sakura to NEW YORK Magic Mirror Night (April 3rd 2021 -, Nippon Bunak Housou)
  • Jiro Sato no RADIO Jiro (September 4th, 2021, TOKYO FM)
  • AuDee CONNECT (April 20th, 2022 -, TOKYO FM and other JFN series)


That’s amazing.

In addition to this, she appears in various media such as music videos and games. She has also published a book and published many photography books, and her popularity really knows no bounds.

By the way, as of July 2022, her Instagram followers are over 460,000, Twitter is over 370,000, and her YouTube channel subscribers are over 300,000.



Ever since I was a child, I've watched my father's Porn videos silently, and even now, as an adult, I spend most of my salary watching more than 1,000 Porn videos a year. I'm such a libido monster, and I'm introducing my favorite actresses and works that I can't get enough of with my dogmatism and prejudice.


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