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  • Legendary Porn star Hibiki Ootsuki, who debuted over 14 years ago, is thoroughly described!

Legendary Porn star Hibiki Ootsuki, who debuted over 14 years ago, is thoroughly described!

Hibiki Otsuki in a white bikini
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Hello this is Kei.

Today I will be explaining about the legendary Japanese porn star “Hibiki Ootsuki”.

I hope you enjoy reading this article so you can find out what kind of porn star she is and which of the Porn videos she has appeared in I would recommend.

However, this article is only about personal opinions and impressions, so please forgive me if you do not agree with my values.

By the way, if you want to watch her Porn videos, copy and paste “大槻ひびき Porn video” into search box! You should be able to find a lot of videos.

However, I do want to warn you about something.

That’s because some of the many videos that exist on the Web can be scammed by clicking on them, so be careful.

When you watch or download videos, make sure you buy from a site you can trust.

Profile of Japanese Legendary Porn star Hibiki Ootsuki

Name of Porn starOtsuki Hibiki
Date of birthFebruary 21, 1988
Stature161 cm
HobbiesCooking, Snowboarding
Special skillSwimming, piano
JobPorn star
Period of activity as an Porn video actress2008- (active as of 2022)
Belonging officeT-POWERS

She has established a firm position as an Porn video actress, and her charms include her cheerful personality, a good-sized bust, and a beautifully shaped ass. She also has a very long tongue, which she uses to lick and suck the actor’s nipples in a very erotic way.

Her debut was in October 2008, when she was working as an office worker and at a cabaret club at the time, when she was scouted.

She learned a lot from an early age, piano, swimming, unicycle club, dodgeball club, and so on.

In junior high school, she joined the brass band club.

Her first sex was in the third grade of junior high school with an old man aged 40s.
By the way, I heard it was the worst thing that ever happened to her.

She said she wasn’t still wet when he inserted his dick into her, and he was shaking his hips, so she was in a lot of pain.

She was so traumatized that she thought she would never have sex again.

However, the boyfriend she had in high school was very kind and taught her a lot about sex, so she was awakened to how good sex felt for the first time and fucked around at school, in parks, by the river, and many other places.

She had always had a dark personality, but perhaps because of this boyfriend, she changed to a cheerful personality. She once became a class committee member and brought the whole class together.

Just about this time, she became more and more interested in lewd things, learning to masturbate and even sneaking out of her pants in an empty classroom after school to look at the seat of the boy she liked.

She already had Hentai qualities from this time on.

I was surprised to hear her say that she has never had a boyfriend since her debut, despite being such a dusky girl.

The reason, she said, is that having a boyfriend could interfere with her work.
She displays a high level of professionalism and determination.

She is now quite famous, but for the first two years after her debut, her works did not sell well and she did not have much work, which was mentally and financially difficult for her.

She even says that this period was a dark time for her, which means that she was driven to the point where she could have quit at any time.

I think she did great, because she has now become a very popular actress with a lot of fans.

Her track record has been terrific.

Not only in Porn videos, but also in TV, movies, and even video games.

A brief biography of the Japanese legendary Porn star Hibiki Ootsuki.

Here I’ve compiled just the essentials on what Porn star Hibiki Ohtsuki has been up to so far.

I get all juicy when I'm filmed.
  • In 2012, he joined the “SOD National Idol Unit”.

  • In March 2013, she won the SKY PerfecTV! Tokyo Sports Award at the Adult Broadcasting Awards 2013 and the Actress Award at the 25th Pink Awards.
  • Released 1st. photo book “Feel Beat” in November 2013
Hibiki Otsuki's photo collection Feel Beat
Maria the Assassin
  • In July 2014, she entered a popularity contest for sexy actress to appear as characters in the game “Ryu ga Gotoku 0: The Pledge of Allegiance” and ranked in 4th place, and got the booking for the film
Ryu ga Gotoku 0 The Pledge
  • Earned Best Actress at the DMM.R18 Adult Awards 2016 in May 2016
  • Became an EVELT campaign girl with Yua Mikami in July 2016
Citation:EVELT! – YouTube
  • Formed the anime and vocaloid song idol unit “T♡Project” in August 2016
Sexual Nudity and Pose Book
  • In November 2017, became the image girl of AV fan appreciation festival Japan Adult Expo 2017
Citation: Japan Adult Expo – Twitter
  • December 2017, digital photo book “Beppin” released.
Digital Photo Book Beppin
  • October 2020, GEO TV’s “Survey of Porn star Who Think Their heavy breathings Are Sexy” ranked in the 1st place.
Digigra Deluxe Hibiki Ootsuki 001
Digigra Deluxe Hibiki Ootsuki 002
  • Appointed campaign girl for Triple HAPPY Campaign 2021 in September 2021.

photo book Jungle Jungle Hibiki Ootsuki
  • In September 2022, she became the campaign girl for the Triple HAPPY Campaign 2022 by the HHH Group.

How was that?
Putting them all together makes it easier to understand.

Check out the SNS of Japanese Legendary Porn star “Hibiki Ootsuki”!

Among her social networking sites, the key ones to check out are Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

So, as always, let me share a few of my favorite posts.

Hibiki Ohtsuki on Twitter

Let’s start with Twitter, which is full of off-shoots with more than 240,000 followers.


This is a tabletop calendar release. Gotta get one next year!


She is very good friends with Yui Hatano.


A sexy bathing video! She is beautiful whatever her age.

Hibiki Otsuki’s Instagram

Next up is Instagram, which is like a photo album with over 710,000 followers.

She trains properly to maintain her style. I am always impressed with her professionalism.

Next to her is Aika from the same office.

So cool that she got to practice driving at Fuji Speedway!

Hibiki Ohtsuki’s YouTube

The Last is YouTube, where the number of subscribers is approaching 20,000.


A video of when she was made to reveal her bags for the field. Her plain reactions were interesting.


A video of licking Chupa Chups. It is exciting to listen to it with earphones.


I want you to watch this video with earphones too. Since she counts sheep you can get a good night’s sleep.



Ever since I was a child, I've watched my father's Porn videos silently, and even now, as an adult, I spend most of my salary watching more than 1,000 Porn videos a year. I'm such a libido monster, and I'm introducing my favorite actresses and works that I can't get enough of with my dogmatism and prejudice.


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