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  • An in-depth look at Kaho Imai, a popular Black gal porn star (sexy actress) who loves to surf!

An in-depth look at Kaho Imai, a popular Black gal porn star (sexy actress) who loves to surf!

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Hello Kei here.

Today I will be explaining about Kaho Imai, a popular Black gal porn star (sexy actress) who loves surfing.

I hope you enjoy reading this article so you can find out what kind of porn star she is and which of the porn videos she has appeared in I would recommend.

By the way, if you want to watch her porn videos, copy and paste “今井夏帆 Porn video” into a search box! You should be able to find a lot of porn videos.

However, I do want to warn you about something.

That’s because some of the many porn videos that exist on the Web can be scammed by clicking on them, so be careful.

When you watch or download porn videos, make sure you buy from a site you can trust.

Profile of Kaho Imai, a popular Black gal porn star (sexy actress) who loves to surf.

Name of Porn starKaho Imai
Date of birthAugust 2, 2000
OriginMiyazaki prefecture (Kyushu)
Stature163 cm
HobbiesSurfing, BBQ
Special skillBodyboarding, Basketball
JobPorn star
Period of activity as an porn video actress2019- (active as of 2022)
Belonging officearrows

With a look that gal lovers must be excited of, healthy skin that’s tanned wheat-colored, and a beautiful G-cup tits and firm big ass, plus a muscular body trained by surfing, she debuted in January 2019 and instantly became a smash hit as a Black girl pornstar!

She is also known for her acting skills, and has played a variety of roles, including not only gals, but also school girls, brothel girl, and even married women.

She has also taken on the challenge of hardcore play, such as slut-shaming, humiliation, and bondage Nakadashi, and as of 2022, she has appeared in over 200 titles of stand-alone porn videos, which is amazing!

Many people may have an image of a slut when they hear the word “kurogyaru,” but surprisingly, she was a serious girl in school.

She was on the basketball team of a strong school, and once won the top four of a prefectural tournament.

Perhaps because she was so absorbed in club activities, her first kiss and first sex were both in her senior of high school. That’s a little late for girls nowadays, isn’t it?

That’s why she had only two experiences before her debut.

One of them was her first kiss, and the other was a staff at a surf store, apparently.

A brief history of Kaho Imai, a popular Black gal porn star (sexy actress) who loves surfing.

Here is a brief summary of what the porn star “Kaho Imai” has done so far.

  • In January 2019, she made her debut in the film ” Be careful, I’m being heated by you. Kaho Imai 19 years old, SOD exclusive Porn star debut”.

  • In April 2019, she left her exclusive contract to become a project stand-alone actress.
  • In August 2020, she was ranked 11th place in the “Porn actress Ranking for the First Half of 2020 Announced by Fanza Monthly”.
  • Launched “Oni Fellatio Hall” adult goods in September 2021.
KMP Demon Ferrahole Nataho Imai
  • In September 2021, she became the campaign girl for the Triple HAPPY Campaign 2021.
Citation: Triple HAPPY Campaign 2022 – Twitter
  • April 2022, photo book “Sazanami” released.
photo book Sazanami
photo book Drooling Lascivious Gal's Domination

How was that?
Putting them all together makes it easier to understand.

Check out Kaho Imai’s SNS, a popular Black gal porn star (sexy actress) who loves surfing!

Her SNS sites are Twitter .

So, as always, let me share a few of my favorite posts.

Kaho Imai on Twitter

Let’s start with Twitter, which is full of off-shot photos with over 80,000 followers.


The proportions are picture-perfect.


This is a tweet from when she went to Bali. The sunglasses look good on her.


Kaho in a yukata is nice. The nape of the neck is sexy too.

Kei recommends Kaho Imai, a popular Black gal porn star (sexy actress) who loves to surf!

She debuted in 2019 and has appeared in more than 200 stand-alone films until now in 2022. Here, I would like to introduce a ranking of those porn videos, which I have carefully selected at my own discretion and prejudice.

【3rd place】Be careful, I’m being heated by you. Kaho Imai 19 years old, SOD exclusive Porn star debut

Kaho Imai’s debut porn videos.

If you like gals, suntan body, and athletic girls who are surfers or basketball players, this is a must-see for you.

My eyes were glued to her from the opening movie.

Because Kaho showed us her charm in a variety of costumes, whether in a cute high school uniform, a sexy wetsuit, or a dazzling bikini.

What also surprised me was the location of the interview.

Porn debut videos are usually filmed in parks or studios, but this time it was in a gym which I thought was new.

After Kaho appears in her high school girl outfit, the interview begins!

Kaho was very nervous, but she candidly told us about her upbringing, her experiences in love, and her life as a student.

I’ve only briefly summarized what I remember from the interview scene.

  • She was born in Miyazaki Prefecture and grew up in the countryside.
  • She wanted to be a porn star because she wanted to have forceful sex.
  • Influenced by her parents, she has been surfing every morning since she was a child.
  • She was a member of the basketball team and has been selected for the national team in the past.
  • She has two sex experiences and her first sex was in her senior year of high school.
  • She is shy and does not like to talk to men.
  • She is a strong M girl and prefers to be teased.

After the interview, she finally had first fuck in her career with Ichikawa, an porn video actor.
The place is, of course, the gym.

Both Kaho and Ichikawa, the actor, were wearing school uniforms, which made it look like students were having sex with each other in a gym. Sunlight filled the gym, it’s a nice place.

So the first fuck proceeds in a polite and gentle manner.

Ichikawa held Kaho’s hand as he cuddled up next to her, then faced her and kissed her, moving on to a deep kiss with eyes closed and tongues and tongues entwined.

She says she “loves to be licked,” and as she is licked from her ears to her neck, she immediately starts moaning. Her shirt is unbuttoned and her bra is slipped off, revealing her soft “G-cups” with sexy tan marks….

Kaho felt pleasure it while her tits were rubbed.

Kaho Imai getting her breasts squeezed

Her nipples were sensitive and I could feel them getting hard.

Her pussy continued with finger fuck slowly, cunnilingus, titjob, and blowjob and the pussy was in a soggy state….

Kaho was so cute when she was twisting from cunnilingus and groping.

Her tits and pussy were very sensitive, and she was feeling them after get penetrated.

Among them, I was most excited to see her being penetrated in a doggy-style, her big G-cup tits shaking and moaning.

Kaho Imai being ejaculated on her chest

Now, next, humiliating sex in the gym.

At the beginning of the interview, she said that she had only experienced gentle sex with her previous boyfriends, and that she wanted to have intense sex when she appeared in porn. So, she decided to try rape-like forceful sex.

The highlight of this porn video is the situation in which the innocent girl, who still looks like a high school student, is raped by a gym teacher who looks formidable .

Kaho Imai being fucked in the normal position

After being kissed intensely, her tits are squeezed and got finger fuck and stirred.

When her nipples were pinched hard or she was roughly finger fucked while standing with one leg raised, she squirmed and her knees were so wobbly that she could hardly stand….

After that, she was moaning while standing on her back and sticking her ass out. The forceful sex made Kaho’s M nature bloom inside her, and it was exciting to see her pussy soaking wet and feeling so much.

Finally, for the first time in her life, she had a threesome.

The two male actors sandwich her and start the fuck.

He licked her ears while standing and touched all over her body with his nasty hands. I could see that she was really feeling pleasure in her stiff face.

Then, as the two tongues begin to kiss each other, she was quickly stripped off and put into bikinis….

Her tits are exposed, her nipples are already bouncing and her panties are soaking wet inside. Her erogenous zones were teased by them again and again..

It’s pretty exciting to see a surfer gal in a bikini getting teased by two males.

Moreover, the oil made the lewdly glossy nakedness look outrageously erotic.

The oil may have made them slippery, but the actors’ hands escalated even further, and they made her cum all over the place and even squirted.

Kaho Imai playing with 3 players

There is also a W-blowjob, which can only be seen in a threesome, and Kaho sucking hard on two Dicks is a must-see. The finish is a series of mouth-to-mouth sperm shoots, ending with two sperm pouring into her mouth!

That was quite a spectacular and wonderful piece of porn videos for a debutante.

▼ This porn video is recommended for
I would like to see Kaho Imai’s debut film
I want to see Kaho Imai’s first threesome.
I would like to see Kaho Imai’s first skirting.

【2nd place】Big-tits slut teacher who loves to have a cock that is on the verge of cumshot by ear-fucking lewd talk.

Big-tits slut teacher who loves to have a cock that is on the verge of cumshot by ear-fucking lewd talk.

Kaho Imai plays a perverted lascivious teacher who loves cumshot control & slut-shaming.

The film begins with a scene in an after-school classroom . A student named Kudo with poor grade is scolded by a teacher there.

“Kudo-kun. Why are your grades so bad? You haven’t been studying.”

“I can’t study because I’m too busy wanking every day.”

“You have no brains because all you do is wanking. Now I’m going to take manage your cock for you.”

“I…is it management?”

“Yes, your cock is mine from this day forward. Do you know what I mean?”

“You’re getting lower grades because you’re constantly wanking.”

“Because It feels so good I can’t hep doing it…”

“You start by being patient.”


Then suddenly Imai-sensei starts touching Kudo’s nipples.

Kudo was unconsciously trying to touch his own crotch.

Then the teacher.

“I didn’t say you could touch it, did you? Be patient!”

“I…I’m sorry…”

Imai-sensei orders him to be patient while continuing to touch her nipples.

Kudo, who has been feeling pleasure, is desperately trying to suppress his desire to masturbate himself.

“You shouldn’t have let your nipples stand up like that.”

“Sir, my dick wants you to touch it.’

“No, you can’t. You can’t be touch. If I touch you right now, you’ll be the same as you always are.”


After removing Kudo’s shirt , she teased his nipples with her fingers, she asks him to show his wanking like he usually does. Then she lets him touch his nipples himself.

Kudo was desperately resisting the urge to touch Dick while stimulating his own nipples as she was told.

After a while, Imai-sensei slowly approached him, took off his clothes and started licking his nipples. Kudo felt so good that he was jerking.

“Say me to manage your cumshot.”

“I want to be managed my cumshot by Imai…”

Satisfied, Imai-sensei happily continues licking his nipples.

Eventually, she began stimulating Kudo’s dick, which was stiff and erect, on the his pants.
She moves her hand slowly, impatiently.

On the way, when Kudo says he is about to cum with just his nipples, she again ordered him to hold back.

“I can’t take it anymore, …”

Kudo, having reached the end of his patience, suddenly began to masturbate himself.

Then the teacher was furious!

She told Kudo that he was not allowed to touch his nipples or masturbate after he went home today, and left the classroom.

The next day after school,she asked Kudo if he was able to hold back properly, and he said he did, so Imai-sensei said he would work on him further and began to pull down Kudo’s pants and touch Dick over his under pants.

“I..Imai… What are you doing?”

She pulled down his under pants and began to blowjob.

She licked Kudo’s warped Dick deliciously. The blowjob was so moist and nasty.

“I wonder what it would be like to have such big dick inside me?”

“What? Inside you?”


After blowjob for a while, Kudo stops sucking when he is about to cum. She repeats the short stop several times.

“Come here and lie down.”

She laid Kudo down on a mat laid out in the classroom and continued to suck on him, covering him from above.

“You’ve been staring at my tits all the time. I’m going to teach you with my tits.”

After the blowjob, she started training him by giving him a titjob, which she called instruction.

When he is about to come by the titjob, she stops again. she didn’t let him cum so easily.

“I’ll show you something better.”

After removing her panties, the teacher stands on top of Kudo’s face, showing off her pussy, and then she went straight to the cowgirl position and was penetrated by his dick!

The rest you will have to see. (LOL!)

▼ This porn video is recommended for
I want to see Kaho Imai as a lascivious woman and teacher.
I want to see Kaho Imai managing cumshot.
Drama porn videos are still interesting.

【1st place】NTR Neighbor’s Wife Cuckolded Her Husband…G-cup Body with Wheat-colored Tanned Skin Kaho Imai NanamiHina

The story is about “Kaho Imai,” who plays a wife whose husband was cuckolded, who takes revenge on the woman (Nanami Hina) who cuckolded her husband.

Kaho” moved from Tokyo to the countryside when her husband took over his family’s business.

The air is clean, but she doesn’t like bugs, and she was worried about living in the countryside, where there are few places to shop, but she decided to support her husband who decided to take over his family’s pickle shop because there was no successor.

After the moving process was over, the two quickly decided to go say hello to their neighbors….

The next door neighbors were a young couple named Nanami, who were very nice and seemed to get along well with Kaho and her family, as they were close in age and had no children in common with each other.

“I’m glad the couple next door seem nice.”


But Kaho was worried about one thing, however.

It was Nanami’s wife, “Hina,” who was gawking at her husband from top to bottom, as if she was sizing him up.

“Hey, didn’t the neighbor’s wife just stare at you?”

“Really? Isn’t it your imagination?”

“I don’t know…”

Starting over in a new place can be an exciting time of anticipation, but at the same time, anxiety and nervousness can also be present.

Without knowing what kind of misfortune is about to happen….

A few days later, one day.

Kaho witnessed her neighbor’s wife having an affair while she was cleaning her own house.

“She having sex… but it’s not with her husband…”

Kaho continues to watch the luscious affair while hiding from detection.

Hina climaxed several times, emitting a gasp that sounded like a scream and bending over so much that she bridged her body.

Excited by the sight of others having sex, Kaho’s hand naturally reaches for her pussy and she begins to masturbate.

“Oh…that feels good.”

At dinner that day.

Kaho wasn’t sure if she should tell her husband what she had seen today, but she decided not to, thinking about their future relationship as neighbors.

However, the next day during the daytime, she still heard wheezing coming from next door.

“Not again…”

She quietly peeked in and saw that she had brought another man into the house. There is no longer any doubt that she is quite a slutty wife.

Kaho had a very bad feeling about something.

Because her husband had told her this morning that he was going to have a drink at the pub next to the police station on his way home.

But no way….

However, the prediction comes true.

Her husband happened to run into “Hina” this morning on his way to work, and he mentioned that he was going to stop at a tavern.

When “Hina” heard this, she finally decided to take action.

When they came to greet her, she already aimed at him.

When her husband was having a drink at an izakaya, Hina came in and brazenly joined him, saying, “I heard Imai-san talking about izakaya this morning, so I wanted to have a drink too.

Seeing Hina in a sexy one-piece dress that clearly showed her cleavage, he couldn’t say no and they had a blast together.

Both of them quickly become intoxicated, partly because they are both weak drinkers.

Then “Hina” took an action.

She purposely spilled beer on her own cleavage.

“Uh, I think I’m drunk, I can’t wipe myself, can you wipe me?”

Hina begs to wipe off the beer spilled in her cleavage.

“What? …well…”

“I’m just kidding.”


“But the fact that you didn’t say “no” right away means you thought it was okay to wipe?”

“Well, I’m a man myself, so…”

Then, Hina suddenly kisses him.

Imai is surprised and upset.

“I’m drunk and so is Imai, so anything can happen tonight.”

Hina kissed him again.

“The staff will notice this…”

“He didn’t see it, so it’s okay…”

Hina’s seduction escalated further, and she began touching Imai’s crotch.

“You’re getting so big…”

She also took out his dick and suddenly started sucking it into her mouth.
She gradually made her harder and harder, and he easily cummed into her mouth!

Imai was stunned.

“If you ever want to do something more fun than this, you can always come to my house.”

After saying this, “Hina” left the tavern.

It was a great blowjob technique….

“I’m home.”

“Welcome back, you’re late.”

“Yeah, I drank a little too much. See you soon.”

“What? Where are you going?”

“I’m going to take a shower. I’m sweating.”

“Did you go to the tavern alone?”

“why? I’m alone.”

“Are you sure you’re alone?”

“Yeah,yeah, it’s okay, nothing’s wrong.”

“I hope so…”

“But while I was waiting, I was alone and lonely. Give me a hug.”

Kaho hugs him while saying….


This is where she noticed something unusual.

“Huh? What? That smell?”

The faint scent of a woman’s perfume around her husband’s neck…

He wasn’t alone…

“I..I think It’s about to go bathing, I smell like sweat.”

Her husband tries to take a shower, a little impatiently, perhaps feeling awkward.

“I was right…”

Only men think they don’t know, but women’s intuition is keen.

“It’s definitely that woman. I can’t let her get away with it!” Kaho was shaking with rage.

This is where Kaho’s revenge story begins.

“I’m going to take every man around that woman!”

Kaho seduces all of Hina’s sex friends and makes them her own, and her final prey is “Hina’s” husband?

Kaho Imai kissing forcefully

Kaho’s sense that her husband’s attitude made her realize that Hina had cuckolded her husband was amazing. It’s weird how women can detect cheating so easily.

It was very satisfying to see Kaho Imai, a married woman with pheromones and a aggressive nature.

▼ This porn video is recommended for
I would like to see Kaho Imai as a married woman, bent on revenge.
I want to see the bewitching Kaho Imai seducing men.
I still like drama porn videos.

That’s all for Kaho Imai’s “Top 3” recommended porn videos.

Can I watch Kaho Imai, a popular Black gal porn star (sexy actress) who loves to surf, in Uncensored Porn videos?

We tried to find a website where you can watch Kaho Imai uncensored porn videos, but unfortunately we couldn’t find any at the moment.

However, in my experience, the following two sites are the first to release uncensored videos by Japanese porn stars, so you should check them out.But I’m not sure when they will appear.

★ Caribbeancom

An Porn videos streaming site that has been highly acclaimed by numerous magazines. It regularly streams not only popular Porn videos but also original exclusive videos.

★ 1Pondo

The site delivers original exclusive and popular Porn videos in powerful high definition. Another attraction of this site is that you can download videos compatible with iPOD.

How would I rate the porn star (sexy actress) named “Kaho Imai” from Kei’s perspective?

Yes, I would like to conclude by rating “Kaho Imai” on a scale of 1 to 5. My rating is as follows.

Overall Style★★★☆☆
Heavy breathing★★★☆☆
Tits size and shape★★★☆☆
Size, shape, and color of nipples and areola★★★☆☆
Hip size and shape★★★
Is the acting level high?★★★
Is she good at playing hard?★★★☆☆

That concludes my commentary on Kaho Imai . Thanks

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Ever since I was a child, I've watched my father's Porn videos silently, and even now, as an adult, I spend most of my salary watching more than 1,000 Porn videos a year. I'm such a libido monster, and I'm introducing my favorite actresses and works that I can't get enough of with my dogmatism and prejudice.


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