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  • A thorough description of “Nene Yoshitaka,” a popular, innocent Porn star who grew up in the countryside, where bears, deer, and perverts are commonplace!

A thorough description of “Nene Yoshitaka,” a popular, innocent Porn star who grew up in the countryside, where bears, deer, and perverts are commonplace!

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Hello, Kei here.

Today I will be explaining about a popular Porn star “Nene Yoshitaka (吉高寧々)” who grew up in the countryside and has a cute face, voice, and personality all her own!

I hope you enjoy reading this article so you can find out what kind of porn star she is and which of the porn videos she has performed in the past I would recommend.

By the way, if you want to see her porn videos, copy and paste “吉高寧々 Porn video” into a search box. You should be able to find a lot of videos.

However, be aware that some of the porn videos that exist on the Web can lead you to fraudulent sites or infect your device with viruses.

You should try to buy them from a site you can trust when you watch videos.

Profile of Nene Yoshitaka

Name of Porn starNENE YOSHITAKA
NicknameNene chan
Date of BirthDecember 01, 1995
OriginHyogo prefecture (Kinki area)
Stature155 cm
ProportionsB84(C) – W56 – H85
Blood typetype O
HobbiesReading, Cooking
Special skillSprint
First sexual experienceHigh school sophomore (age 17)
BusinessPorn star (AV actress)
Period of activity as Porn Star2017-.
Belonging officeEight man

Her charm is her cute, childlike looks, her pleasant, soothing, cute voice, and her simple, gentle personality.

She also has an outstandingly slender body, beautiful tits that are hard to resist admiring, a perky ass, and beautiful skin that is as white and clear as snow.

It is rare to find such a gem. It is no exaggeration to say that she is one of the best looking girls in the industry.

Her thick blowjob that brings you to the climax while using a tongue long enough to reach the tip of her chin is just so exciting to watch it.

Did you grow up in a rural area where bears, deer, and Hentai are common?

She was born in Kobe, but moved when she was five years old for her parents’ reasons.

But the place they moved to was a village in a very rural area of Kobe, where bears would come out and attack people and deer would collide with trains. Of course, it wasn’t just bears and deer. Bats, weasels, and wild boars were also a common sighting.

There were mountains and rice paddies near the house and a river running behind it, so there was a chorus of frogs at night.

Up to this point, people could have just said, “she must have lived in a pretty rural area,” but that was not the end of the story.

To my surprise, Hentai in cars appeared on her way to and from elementary school.

“Where’s your home?”
“Do you need a ride home?”

The Hentai who called out to her like this.

She tried to ignore him or walk quickly, but he still stubbornly followed her.

It was too bad for her, who had been going to and from school with a bell on her school bag to keep bears away.

“I’m scared of bears alone, but a Hentai…”

So she came up with a method to repel the perverts.

Specifically, when she was approached by a Hentai, she would make a funny face and she said something like, “Keeeeeeeeeeeee! or “Woowowowowowow!

Apparently, her strategy worked, and the Hentai thought she was a “strange girl” and stopped chasing her.

But she was lucky he didn’t force her into his car. There really are Hentai guys who commit crimes.

Her first sexual experience was with a senior member of the track team.

Her first sexual experience was in her second year of high school.

He was one year older than her on the same track team, and the place was her boyfriend’s room.

At the time, she had never watched porn and had no knowledge of it, so she didn’t know what to do, but her boyfriend wasn’t cherry, so he was able to lead her, albeit awkwardly.

Her impression was that it was more painful than pleasant.

But she didn’t come to hate having sex because of the pain. She said that she had sex every time she saw him. She had even given him blowjobs in the clubroom and karaoke boxes.

After all, they were together until shortly before this boyfriend graduated, which was about a year and a half in duration.

By the way, she has been popular all her life.

Even when she had a boyfriend, boys in her class asked her out. And even after graduation, staff at restaurants and beauty salons where she had made reservations sometimes contacted her after her visits, asking her to be their friend.

They probably stole the personal information she entered when she made her online reservation. (That’s a violation of the privacy laws!)

By the way, the type of man she likes is someone older, receptive, and dependable.

When was her first time masturbating?

Her first masturbation was during her first year of high school.

When she came back to her room after having sex with her boyfriend, she just couldn’t stop being horny, and before she knew it, she was playing with her pussy with her fingers.

I love her gap between looking so innocent and being so naughty!

By the way, she has never used a toy in her private life, and her first toy was a porn shoot.

How did she make her pinup debut?

Why did she decide to try pinup after working as a cafe waitress?

She was originally approached and scouted for the entertainment industry, but she it gave up at first, thinking that her shyness and stage fright would make it impossible for her to do public appearances.

However, she finally made up her mind, motivated by the fact that she had always been interested in the entertainment industry, that she had a strong desire to change her boring life in both studies and club activities and wanted to change it. And she wanted “something” to which she could seriously devote herself.

The result was a great success!

She was the new eye of the typhoon in the world of pinup, and she quickly captivated her fans.

Why did she debut in porn?

This really surprised me. She was a pinup idol with a booming popularity, so why is she in porn?

She was on the cover and front page of a weekly magazine, her first photo book was released, and she was promised even more success in the future!

In the interview, she said that she wanted to be thorough in what she was going to do, so I knew that she was very determined.

Apparently, the reason for her decision was a proposal from her manager to appear in an Porn video. But that was not the only reason. She was originally interested in porn actresses, was inspired by the idol group “Ebisu Muscats,” which was active on late-night TV shows, and was impressed by the scene where “Shoko Takahashi,” a gravure idol-turned-av actress, won the grand prix and seven other awards at “AV OPEN 2016” She thought to herself, “I should be on this stage too!”.

What was great about her was that she really worked hard to make it so. What a surprise, because she won three awards at “AV OPEN 2017”: “Overall Category (Overall Grand Prix),” “Actress Category,” and “Fan Voted Category Work Award”!!

Biography of Nene Yoshitaka

So, from here, what kind of activities has the Porn star “Nene Yoshitaka” done so far? I’ve summarized only the points that I think are important.

  • April 2017, she started her entertainment career as a pinup idol. Released an image DVD, “First Time…”
First Time...

  • May 2017, she was published in “Young King” and “Digital Photo Technic” as a pinup model. In addition, she was on the cover of “Shukan Jitsuwa”.
  • June 2017, published gravure in Shukan Jitsuwa.
  • December 2017, the first photo book “Hey, Hey” was released
first photo book Hey, Hey

  • September 2017, she made her exclusive porn debut on S-One! The title of the work is “Newcomer NO.1STYLE Gravure Idol Nene Yoshitaka AV Release “
  • November 2017, won three awards at “AV OPEN2017”: “Overall Category (Overall Grand Prix)”, “Actress Category”, and “Fan Vote Category Work Award”.
  • March 2018, appeared on the variety show “The God Tongue”.
  • March 2019, nominated for FANZA Adult Awards 2019 Best Actress Award.
  • May 2019, won the Weekly Playboy Award.
  • January 2020, announced that she will be an exclusive actress for “FALENO star” from February
  • April 2020, appeared on YouTube “Evening Fuji” channel.
Citation: Evening Fuji – YouTube

  • August 2020, appeared on FALENO Official Channel.
Citation: FALENO Official Channel

  • December 2020, ranked No. 13 in the readers’ poll of “FLASH 2020 Best 100 Sexiest Actresses Currently Active”.
  • June 2021, appeared as Ai Iiyama in the web TV series “Naked Director Season 2”.
  • November 2021, digital photo book “Revelation EPISODE:Final” released.

How did it go?

By the way, what I have presented here is only part of her story, so if you want to learn more about her, check out her Wikipedia page.

Check out Nene Yoshitaka’s SNS!

Nene Yoshitaka’s social networking sites are X and Instagram.
So, as always, I’ll give you a few of my favorite posts!

Nene Yoshitaka’s X

Let’s start with X, which gives us a glimpse of her everyday life.

She said “ Give me your LOVE” I’ll give her everything, not just love!

Even the way she looks cute eating cup noodles is impeccable!

Nene Yoshitaka’s Instagram

Now next is Instagram, which looks like a photogravure photo album.

You look like a rich lady.

This divine and overwhelming sense of transparency! Words are no longer necessary.

Kei recommends “porn videos” by Nene Yoshitaka

Let me introduce, as usual, in a ranking format the porn videos I have carefully selected at my own discretion and prejudice from the works that have been released so far.

【3rd place】(AVOP00303) Newcomer NO.1STYLE Pinup Idol Nene Yoshitaka AV Release

Newcomer NO.1STYLE Pinup Idol Nene Yoshitaka AV Release
Recording Time199min
DirectorMinamigata Nishinakajima
ActressNene Yoshitaka
ActorKazutetsu Suzuki, Daisuke Sadamatsu
ManufacturerS1 Number One Style
LabelAV OPEN 2017
Serial numberavop00303

This is the debut work of 21-year-old “Nene Yoshitaka,” a pinup-turned-porn star.

I urge you to see this work.

Because it is a work that porn manufacturer S1 has put all of its energy into.

Her overwhelming transparency, her simple cuteness, her friendly atmosphere and gentle nature, her initial shyness, her pure white slender body, her light cherry-red sunken nipples, her stunning blowjob with her long tongue, and her first experience with sexual toys in her life. You can see it all.

The content is quite soft, but since it is a debut film, I think it is fine. Because I don’t want to give such a gem a mental breakdown by filming it hard.

As is typical for a debut feature, the film begins with an interview scene!

“What is your name?”
“What is your date of birth?”
“How old are you?”

There was a scene change in the middle of the film, where she was alone while taking a selfie and reading and answering each question written on letterhead in an envelope, which I thought was very innovative.

She said, “There are some questions on the letterhead that my fans would like to ask Nene Yoshitaka. I will answer them in order.”

The innocent expressions on her face as she crumpled up and smiled were irresistibly cute. I couldn’t help but smile as I watched.

“Please tell me your height and three sizes.”
“What are your charm points?”
“What are your strengths and weaknesses?”

Now, after the interview, it’s time for her first undressing scene.

She seemed quite embarrassed and slowly undressed, turning her back from time to time. When she was completely naked, the camera took close-ups of her face, Tits, and crotch, from top to bottom.

The scene changes, and next comes the pre-production blowjob practice with a transparent “dildo” shaped about the same size as an erect Dick.

I love the look on her face as she carefully licks up and down with her long tongue, letting out sweet breaths.

In the next scene, the real actor’s Dick finally appears!

She dripped saliva on her own hands, letting them get used to each hands, and then gave him a blow job from a hand job.
I would have a violent outburst in a heartbeat to be licked by such a pretty face looking up at me.

After licking his dick all over with all her heart, she gave him a hand job and fires it off!

The scene changed and Nene was sitting on the bed in a cute one-piece dress.

Now, it’s time to start playing!

The handsome actor “Kazuto Suzuki” and the veteran actor “Daisuke Sadamatsu,” who has a mature and sexy look, appear in turn.

Well, there were plenty of highlights, such as her face contorting in pleasure as she was tortured with a rotor, her tongue carefully crawling over the blowjob as she watched the actor’s reaction, her wiggling, responsive and naughty use of her hips, and her real squirting.

She was able to perform a full range of positions: missionary, doggy, cowgirl, and face-to-face sitting.

I also liked the scene showing a close-up of her anus. The Kansai dialect was cute, too.

Anyway, it is definitely a masterpiece!

▼ This “porn video” is recommended for
I would like to see Nene Yoshitaka’s first debut work.
I want to see “Nene Yoshitaka” experiencing sexual toys for the first time in her life.

【2nd place】 (406FSDSS-083) Immediate Sex with a Strong Piston!

Recording Time120min
ActressNene Yoshitaka
ActorKensuke Samejima, Daisuke Sadamatsu, Muscle Sawano
SeriesImmediate sex with a strong piston!
Serial number406FSDSS-083

Nene Yoshitaka appears in the series “Immediate sex with a strong piston!”

I love this surprise project where an actress and an actor meet and immediately have sex.

The actress is not happy because the porn actor suddenly appears and penetrates her without having been told anything beforehand.

But when he started pistoning, she gradually started to feel good and began to make charming, glamorous noises.

Her o-face will give you a painful erection.

Anyway, Nene Yoshitaka’s reaction is so realistic and great!

“What? I didn’t hear that!”
“Wait, wait, wait, wait!”
“What? Eeeeeeeee!”

In the make-up room, in the shower room, in the middle of an interview scene, the moment she changes into her micro bikini…

AV actors attack one after another.

It’s nice that Samejima, Sadamatsu, and Muscle Sawano were featured!

▼ This “porn video” is recommended for
I want to see “Nene Yoshitaka” who is suddenly penetrated.
I want to see “Nene Yoshitaka” with a plain reaction.
I like surprise projects more than drama ones.

【1st place】(406FSDSS-022) Nene Yoshitaka x FALENOstar breaking Transfer! Drive Hamedori Document TOKYO 2020

Recording Time135min.
ActressNene Yoshitaka
ActorTsukasa Hirata, Rei Tamaki
LabelFALENO star
Serial number406FSDSS-022

The first place goes to the first work after transferring from “S-One” to “FALENOstar” as an exclusive. Incidentally, it is also my favorite Hamedori work.

Since there is no director or staff around, it is just her and the actor, so the tension is relaxed and I can see sex that is almost private.

I can feel as if I’m having sex with her…

So began a drive date alone with an actor.

This film is divided into two parts, with the daytime session featuring the handsome “Tsukasa Hirata” with a baby face, and the nighttime session featuring the immensely adorable “Rei Tamaki”.

The drive begins with a ride in the passenger seat of “Tsukasa Hirata,” who appears dashingly in a bright red BMW!

“What do you do on your days off?”
“Where are you from?”
“Why did you transfer?”

A pleasant conversation continues in the car…

Her favorite food is shrimp, and her specialty is simmered radish and pork… I see, I see…
She is a perfectly beautiful woman and she can cook properly – nice!

After lunch in Daikanyama, they went to a love hotel in Shibuya.

He wanted to see her masturbation as usual, so a masturbation scene started with sexual toys. Mr. Hirata joins in from the middle of the scene.

After her masturbation, she changed into a maid uniforms and had lovemaking!
She wiggles her hips even after a little penetration and welcomed the dick herself.

The two switched positions from the missionary position led by Mr. Hirata. Next, Nene was on top of him in a staked piston cowgirl position. Then they moved to the bed and had doggy-style, and finally climaxed with her mouth in the missionary position!

It’s irresistible, isn’t it?

Next, the evening session begins at 6:00 p.m!

They got into the car of “Rei Tamaki” and drove away.

In the car during the evening session, the main topic of conversation was love.

On the way, they talked about going shopping for underwear, so they started shopping in Kabukicho at 7:00 p.m.

The rest you’ll have to see… LOL!

▼ This “porn video” is recommended for
I would like to see a drive date with Nene Yoshitaka.
I want to see Nene Yoshitaka’s Hamedori.
I want to see Nene Yoshitaka in sexy lingerie and cosplay.

These are the “Top 3” recommended porn videos by Nene Yoshitaka.

Can you see “uncensored porn videos” of Nene Yoshitaka?

I tried to find a site where you can watch uncensored Nene Yoshitaka porn videos, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any at the moment.

However, in my experience, the following two video sites are the first to release uncensored pornographic videos by Japanese porn stars, so you should check them out. Just in case.


An uncensored pornographic video site that has been highly acclaimed by numerous magazines.


A site that streames original exclusive and uncensored porn videos in powerful high definition.

How would I rate the porn star Nene Yoshitaka from Kei’s point of view?

Yes, I would like to conclude by rating “Nene Yoshitaka” on a scale of 1 to 5. My rating is as follows.

Heavy breathing★★★★★
Tits size and shape★★★☆☆
Size, shape, and color of nipples and areola★★★☆☆
Hip size and shape★★★☆☆
Is the acting level high?★★★★☆
Is she good at playing hard?★★★☆☆
That concludes my commentary on Nene Yoshitaka. Thanks!

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