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  • She has more than 300 experiences! The strongest slutty bitch actress in the AV industry, Mizuki Yayoi, is thoroughly described!

She has more than 300 experiences! The strongest slutty bitch actress in the AV industry, Mizuki Yayoi, is thoroughly described!

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Hello, Kei here.

Today I’m going to explain about a genuine slutty bitch actress “Mizuki Yayoi” who dropped out of college because she was playing around with guys who picked her up when she was a college student and she didn’t have enough credits!

I hope you enjoy reading this article so you can find out what kind of porn star she is and which of the porn videos she has performed in the past I would recommend.

By the way, if you want to see her porn movies, copy and paste “弥生みづき Porn video” into a search box. You should be able to find a lot of videos.

However, be aware that some of the porn videos that exist on the Web can lead you to fraudulent sites or infect your device with viruses.

You should try to buy them from a site you can trust when you watch videos.

Profile of Mizuki Yayoi, a popular Japanese porn star

Reunion with a former teacher Mizuki Yayoi
Name of Porn starMIZUKI YAYOI
NicknameYayo chan
Date of BirthDecember 07, 1998
OriginKitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Stature157 cm
ProportionsB89(G) – W60 – H94
First sexual experienceFirst-year university student
BusinessPorn star
Period of activity as Porn Star2019-.
Belonging officeLIGHT

She has a gentle personality surrounded by a neat and clean look with a well-defined nose and eyes, and a calm and friendly atmosphere. Then there is her soft white skin and rounded body line.

She has appeared in a wide range of genres, from neat and tidy to lascivious, and even wearing special makeup and being covered in gold dust, and has certainly made her mark in the Porn video industry.

Unlike her debut, she now has a G cup after breast augmentation, but don’t worry about that.

She was born and raised in Kitakyushu, a once prosperous factory town in Fukuoka Prefecture.

She is an only daughter and her mother is a beautiful woman who worked as a snack bar’s mom.

Incidentally, she has three fathers, but even now, as an adult, she doesn’t which one is her real father.

She was raised quite strictly and carefully and was a very serious girl until she graduated from high school.

She had been going to cram school every day since kindergarten, and even had a curfew of 6:00 p.m. in the winter and 7:00 p.m. in the summer.

Perhaps because of this, she met few people and was a virgin until she graduated from high school.

There was one boy she dated once in the third grade, they just held hands, but it didn’t last long, apparently.

But it wasn’t that she was never sexually active.

Her sexual awakening was 5th grade!

Her sexual awakening came around the fifth grade, when she began to think about sex not just more than others, but 50 times more than others.

She even learned to masturbate while searching for things on the Internet.

It’s interesting that she says that from this time on, she began to want to become a sexually mature adult and decided that in order to become such an adult, she had to masturbate a lot.

She once was charged 100,000 yen by a fraudulent website for surfing the Internet too much.

Of course, there was no way she could afford such a large sum of money at the time, so she cried to her mother to pay it for her.

Ah, yes.

She has some amazing episodes.

When she was in elementary school, her friend brought a puppy to her house to play, and she let the little dog lick her pussy.

“This is a chance for that butter dog I looked up online!”

She thought.

By the way, a butter dog is a dog that is kept to lick butter on women’s nipples and pussies.

Fearful elementary girl! LOL!

I’m sure the owners at the time would have been shocked to hear of this story, as they would not have realized it at the time.

“My dog is not a butter dog!”

The person would just said.

After her first sexual experience, she awakens into a slut monster!

Her first sexual experience was in May of her first year of college.

The guy was a boy in her class who liked her at the time. But they did not end up going out.

Her impression was that his penis was small, so she did not feel much pain.

More important to her was the feeling that “I’m in! I finally got to do something I’ve always wanted to do!”

She had been attending cram school since she was a child, and even after going to a young lady’s school, she was unable to dress up well because she prioritized her studies.

Because she was able to leave her hometown and start living alone in Osaka, she was freed from her strict parents and no longer had to keep a curfew.

At this time, she was happy to be able to play at night.

Plus, She has already lost her virginity, so there’s nothing to be afraid of anymore!

Every day, she took the last train to Umeda, a downtown area, and fucked the guys who pick her up at the hotel.

This was the kind of life she kept for the first three years of college.

The number of people she had sex with during that time was a whopping 300!

That’s a huge number.

As she said, it was apparently a reaction to the life she had been forced to lead so rigidly.

She has awakened into a slut monster in one fell swoop, and on some days she had sex with three people, which is amazing.

She was getting fucked every day, and soon the university started to talk about her, even whispering behind her back, “If you make eye contact with her, she’ll eat you!”

She must have been a celebrity.

Interestingly, it seems that some of the people she had sex with were Hentai.

I was impressed by a man who stuck a straw into her vagina and “chewed” her love juice.

Perhaps to reassure her, he ripped open the bag of straws in front of her and showed her that they were new.

Other times they had sex in the back seat of a movie theater, and they found it quite exciting to stifle their voices so that the other audience members would not notice.

It’s already too weird and wonderful!

What was the Reason for her porn Debut?

Why did she decide to become a porn star?

There are two reasons.

One was to forget the man she had a crush on for three years.

She dropped out of college in her junior year because she couldn’t get credits after screwing guys who picked her up every day, but there was someone she had always loved.

And that too for three years….

But he had a girlfriend and she asked him out but was rejected.

But she said she had sex with him three times.

That man….

He did great work! LOL!


In the end, that guy didn’t turn her around at all, so she made my debut to forget him.

And the second reason was that she was just a slutty bitch.

She learned to masturbate in fifth grade, and when she entered junior high school, she bought an electric vibrator from an electronics store. The stimulation by the vibrator was so strong that she even wet herself.

She also dreamed of having good sex, and would go to shrines and pray, “God, please let me have good sex.

She also watched a lot of porn and fell in love with “Mana Sakura“.

Because she was so impressed by her sex appeal and beauty that she, as a woman, found herself horny.

In order to forget the person she loved, and because she was a slutty bitch, she longed to be in the porn industry and became like “Mana Sakura”, she finally decided!

She did some research on the Internet and went to interview with a porn production company myself.

Brief history of popular Japanese porn star “Mizuki Yayoi”

So, from here, what kind of activities has the Porn star named “Mizuki Yayoi” done so far? I have summarized only the points that I think are important.

  • Aug. 2019, she made her Porn star debut! The title of the work is “Beautiful girl I found. A young country girl college student wants to forget her one-sided love for 3 years, so she makes her Porn star debut, Mizuki Yayoi.”
A young college girl from the countryside wants to forget her one-sided love for 3 years, so she makes her adult film debut, Mizuki Yayoi.
  • In April 2020, she appeared in a video titled “Mai Wife – Celebrity Club – 133″ under the alias Kozue Kubota, and was 28 years old.
Maiwife ~Celebrity Club
  • July 2020, photo book “LOVELOVELOVE” released
photo book "LOVELOVELOVE" released

  • October 2021, she appeared on a popular variety show “Hadaka Ikkan! as a guest.
Citation: Hadaka Ikkan! – YouTube

  • June 2022, photo book “Soft Sunshine” released.
photo book Soft Sunshine released

  • September 2022., inaugurated as a campaign girl for “Triple HAPPY Campaign 2022”
Citation: Triple HAPPY Campaign 2022 – Twitter

  • In May 2023, FANZA Video Floor Ranking, “35 hours of carefully selected uncensored 15 titles of the most popular blockbuster hits! The entire 2130 minutes of the movie is included! Nipple Bottle Slut BEST! is No.1!”
35 hours of carefully selected uncensored 15 titles of the most popular blockbuster hits! The entire 2130 minutes of the movie is included! Nipple Bottle Slut BEST! is No.1!

How was that?

By the way, what I have presented here is only part of her story, so if you want to learn more about her, check out her Wikipedia page.

Check out Yayoi Mizuki’s SNS!

Yayoi Mizuki’s social networking sites are Twitter and Instagram.
So, as always, I’ll give you a few of her favorite posts!

Yayoi Mizuki’s Twitter

We start with Twitter, which has over 320,000 followers.

Citation: Twitter

I can’t sleep with excitement if she says “good night” to me in such a sexy way. LOL!

Citation: Twitter

The pink swimsuit is cute too! I’m a little concerned about the nipples being slightly transparent, though…

Yayoi Mizuki’s Instagram

Next up is Instagram, which has over 160,000 followers.

Beautiful oceans! The shining sun! Big tits about to spill! It’s great!

This cosplay is so cute! It suits you very well.

Kei recommends “porn videos” by Mizuki Yayoi

Let me introduce, as usual, in a ranking format the porn videos I have carefully selected at my own discretion and prejudice from the works that have been released so far.

【3rd place】(mifd00081) I Found a Beautiful Girl. A country girl college student wants to forget her one-sided love for 3 years, so she makes her Porn video debut, Mizuki Yayoi.

I Found a Beautiful Girl. A country girl college student wants to forget her one-sided love for 3 years, so she makes her Porn video debut, Mizuki Yayoi.
Recording Time151 minutes
ActressMizuki Yayoi
ActorRei Tamaki, Yuto Kuroda, Shinrin Genjin
LabelMOODYZ Fresh
Serial numbermifd00081

It is the debut work by Mizuki Yayoi.

I urge you to see it because it is the first video she debuted in order to forget the man she had a crush on for three years!

After dropping out of college, she came back to her hometown and worked in the watch department of a department store for a while, but left because she didn’t find it rewarding.

After that, she decided to become a porn video actress and went for an interview with an Porn video production company in Fukuoka.

The result was an excellent adoption!

Then she moved to Tokyo and shot the video.

The night before shooting this debut video, she straddled a large mirror and removed her pussy hair.

It started with a meeting scene in a park with the setting of a neat and beautiful girl, but not much was said about her except that she made her debut because she wanted to forget someone she loved.

In a later interview, she said she was working pretty hard on her performance at this time.

That’s right.

Because she was not an active college student, she was really a NEET, and there was no way she could say that she had fucked 300 people because of the setting of the work, which is that of a beautiful, innocent girl.

But I guess the graceful way she took off her clothes made it immediately obvious to those who could tell.


While she was saying “I’m nervous…”

She was taking it off crisply, you know.

Let me briefly describe the content of this work.

First, she met in the park for an interview.

Moving to the studio, she undressed for the first time, and then had her first shoot with Rei Tamaki.

Next is a face-fucking scene from a blowjob, followed by a masturbation scene with sex toys.

The last one was a threesome with Shinrin Genjin and Yuto Kuroda.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who felt like cheering her on as she aggressively challenged herself with face shots and threesomes.

Besides, she seemed happy to be able to perform with “Yuto Kuroda,” an Porn video actor whom she has admired for a long time.

I found out later that she was too happy to look at Kuroda’s face properly.

▼ This “porn video” is recommended for
I would like to see the debut of “Mizuki Yayoi”
I want to see a threesome for the first time in the life of “Mizuki Yayoi.”

【2nd place】(24vdd00162) Secretary in… (Blackmail Suit room) Mizuki Yayoi

Secretary in... (Blackmail Suit room) Mizuki Yayoi
Recording Time129 min.
ActressMizuki Yayoi
ActorKensuke Samejima
SeriesThreatened suites
ManufacturerDream ticket
LabelVIVID (Dream Ticket)
Serial number24vdd00162

Mizuki Yayoi, dressed as a secretary to the president of the company, is subjected to the full extent of humiliation by men who have taken advantage of her weakness.

First of all, I’d like to say that people who don’t like SM, people who feel sorry for women who are violated and crying, and people who don’t like the idea of training slave women and treating them like meat slaves should not watch this.

I must confess that I too do not like intense rape, violence, and SM type works.

Because I feel sorry for them and there is nothing exciting about seeing such a scene.

So why is this piece in second place?

That’s because it was through this work that she realized how good it felt to be slapped.

She was crying after being seriously slapped several times, but in an interview later she said that it hurt so much that stars were falling from her eyes, but it felt pretty good.

She said it was this work that helped her realize she was a real “Slave” herself.

And since appearing in this video, she has fallen in love with men who give her slaps with his might.

I heard that if he is to take it easy on her, she would get mad.

The content was great for the “Sadistic” men, wasn’t it?

There was slapping, binding, gagging, collaring, leashing, blindfolding, sobbing, forced deep-throating, restraint vibrators, nipple suckers, facial-shots on her crying face, and severe spanking. I felt so sorry for her and my heart screamed.

Anyway, I would like to recommend this work to anyone who is a “Sadist”.

▼ This “porn video” is recommended for
I’m a “Sadist” and get off on the sight of a crying woman.
I want to see “Mizuki Yayoi,” who gave a good performance as a secretary being raped.
I want to see “Mizuki Yayoi” seriously slapped.

【1st place】(waaa00243) If you can stand Mizuki Yayoi’s amazing technique, you can have raw Nakadashi SEX!

If you can stand Mizuki Yayoi's amazing technique, you can have raw Nakadashi SEX!
Recording Time227 minutes
ActressMizuki Yayoi
SeriesIf they can stand it, you can have raw, Nakadashi sex!
Manufacturerone’s factory
Serial numberwaaa00243

Now, the honorable first place goes to this work in the popular “Raw Nakadashi SEX if you can stand it!” series.

This is the 103rd time for this very popular project!

The content of the program is to pick up amateur men and make them ejaculate within 10 minutes while using sex techniques other than penetration.

An amateur male can have raw, Nakadashi sex with her if he can hold back his ejaculation for 10 minutes or less.

The guys want to fuck “Mizuki Yayoi” so desperately that they hold back. But she doesn’t want them to think she doesn’t have technique as an Porn video actress, so she puts her pride on the line and tries to get them to the climax quickly.

The struggle between the two is very enjoyable!

“Do porn stars really have technique?”
“Isn’t it really just the porn actor trying his best to ejaculate?”

I always try to watch my favorite actresses when they are on the show because they solve questions that we, the viewers, have been wondering about.

Now, this is her fourth year after her spectacular debut after more than 300 experienced people.

Is the skill that she has acquired through training and challenging “Slave”, “Sadist”, and even various roles so far, real?

And I wonder if the seven amateur men could hold out for ten minutes?

Various techniques are performed, such as deep kissing, vacuum sucking, blistering nipple torture, hand jobs, and even obscene verbal abuse that will blow your reason away, as well as tit-bits and foot jobs!

It was a piece of work with a lot to see and a lot to climax.

▼ This “porn video” is recommended for
I want to see “Mizuki Yayoi” getting Nakadashi by an amateur man.
I prefer project work to drama.
I want to see a “Mizuki Yayoi” who is genuinely frustrated.

These are the “Top 3” recommended porn videos by Mizuki Yayoi.

Can you watch Yayoi Mizuki’s “Uncensored Porn videos”?

I tried to find a site where you can watch uncensored Mizuki Yayoi porn videos, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any at the moment.

However, in my experience, the following two video sites are the first to release uncensored porn videos by Japanese porn stars, so you should check them out. Just in case.


An uncensored porn video site that has been highly acclaimed by numerous magazines.


A site that streams original exclusive and uncensored porn videos in powerful high-definition.

How would I rate the AV actress “Mizuki Yayoi” from Kei’s point of view?

Yes, I would like to conclude by rating “Mizuki Yayoi” on a scale of 1 to 5. My rating is as follows.

Heavy breathing★★★☆☆
Tits size and shape★★★☆☆
Size, shape, and color of nipples and areola★★★☆☆
Hip size and shape★★★☆☆
Is the acting level high?★★★★★
Is she good at playing hard?★★★★★

That concludes my commentary on Yayoi Mizuki. Thanks!

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Ever since I was a child, I've watched my father's Porn videos silently, and even now, as an adult, I spend most of my salary watching more than 1,000 Porn videos a year. I'm such a libido monster, and I'm introducing my favorite actresses and works that I can't get enough of with my dogmatism and prejudice.


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