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  • A thorough description of Minami Kojima, a popular porn star with a cute anime voice!

A thorough description of Minami Kojima, a popular porn star with a cute anime voice!

Minami Kojima in a red balloon
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Hello I’m Kei.

Today I will be describing Minami Kojima, a very popular porn star who has a cute anime voice and even performs daring squirting scenes.

I hope you enjoy reading this article so you can learn what kind of porn star she is and even which of the Porn videos she has appeared in are recommended.

However, this article is only my personal opinion and impression, so please forgive me if you do not agree with my values.

By the way, if you want to watch Porn videos of Minami Kojima, copy and paste “小島みなみ Porn video” intothe search box!

You’ll find lots of videos.

Just a word of caution.

That’s because some of the many videos that exist on the Web can be scammed by clicking on them, so be careful.

When you watch or download videos, make sure you buy from a site you can trust.

Profile of Porn star “Minami Kojima

Raped schoolgirl Minami Kojima, the idol of the school targeted
Name of Porn starMinami Kojima
Date of BirthDecember 14, 1992
OriginKanagawa prefecture
Stature150 cm
BWH measurementsB85(E)-W56-H83
TastesWalking, Tennis
Special skillSwimming
JobPorn star and singer
Period of activity as an Porn video actress2011- (active as of September 2022)
Belonging officeMines

With her cute looks and cute anime voice, she has released singles as a member of the idol group “OTOTOY FRIDAY” and has appeared in movies, on TV, radio, and live performances.

Citation:TRASH-UP!! RECORDS – YouTube

Of course, she has a great track record as a porn star.

Because from her debut in 2011 to the present, in 2022, she has appeared in more than 230 stand-alone works.

Anyway, there is no end to tell you about her charms.

She has a petite body that Lolita lovers can’t help but bonering for the well-shaped E-cup boobs. She is so sexy and pubic hairy that Playboy Weekly nicknamed her a “one-woman rainforest climate.”
Furthermore, she shows us her intense cowgirl-position and squirting during sex, which is very exciting.

She didn’t want to be famous when she first started out, so she limited her exposure to the media.

However, when she was a member of “Arista~zu★,” a unit formed by stand-alone Porn star who belong to Alice Japan, she became frustrated that she alone was not getting enough offers, and out of frustration she apparently lifted her media restrictions.

Brief biography and summary of the Porn video actress Minami Kojima.

So, here’s a brief summary of what the porn star “Minami Kojima” has been up to now.

  • In July 2011, she made her debut in a film titled “True★Bishojo“. In the same year, she became a member of “Arista~zu★”, a unit of stand-alone Porn star belong to Alice Japan.
  • In 2013, she was nominated for the “SKY PerfecTV! Adult Broadcasting Awards 2013” and was nominated for the Newcomer of the Year Award.


  • In August 2018, she graduated from Ebisu Muscats 1.5.

  • In May 2020, she was ranked in the second place in the “Sexy General Election of Current Porn star” surveyed by Tokuma Shoten.

  • In April 2021, she was ranked in the 14th place in Asahi Entertainment’s “2021 Active Porn star SEXY General Election.

  • In February 2022, she became the 2nd annual ambassador for the condom brand ZONE.


How was that?
It’s more easier to understand when I put them all together.

Check out the SNS of porn star “Minami Kojima”!

As of September 2022, “Minami Kojima” is still an active porn star!

Her popularity is evident on her social networking sites.

Because as of September 2022, thereTwitter has 220,000 followers, Instagram has 310,000, and YouTube has more than 70,000 followers.

There’s a lot of information about her activities and her personal lives, so let me introduce a few of them.


This are some events info I found on Twitter for the apparel brand “mns”. I’m jealous because you can design something with her and take 2 shots together.

This is a picture I found on Instagram. She’s cute, but so is his dog.


This is a YouTube video.

She became the 2nd annual ambassador of the condom brand ZONE in February 2022, and frequently uploads videos related to the brand on her channel.



Ever since I was a child, I've watched my father's Porn videos silently, and even now, as an adult, I spend most of my salary watching more than 1,000 Porn videos a year. I'm such a libido monster, and I'm introducing my favorite actresses and works that I can't get enough of with my dogmatism and prejudice.


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